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Excellence Award

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Outstanding agency driving mutual client success through innovative eCommerce strategies, that exhibits commitment to the partnership, consistency and quality of shared business, expertise with Yotpo’s full suite of products, and support across the entire customer lifecycle.

As a full-service digital commerce agency, CQL designs retail and B2B experiences and engineers the technologies to fuel them.

Bauer Hockey scores big with CQL and Yotpo MVP Loyalty Program

Bauer, a leading brand that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets ice hockey equipment, asked CQL for help upgrading their website experience. Upon realizing that the cost of innovating on Salesforce Commerce Cloud was too high, CQL suggested a simpler and faster alternative—Shopify. CQL recommended using their Shopify Blueprint Propel to revamp Bauer Hockey’s e-commerce ecosystem and start a more optimized digital journey.

Bauer’s custom program, the MVP Loyalty Program, was launched with the help of Yotpo and CQL custom development. The loyalty program’s aim was to strengthen customer relationships by providing a practical, educational, and fun way to engage with the Bauer brand. The loyalty program offers customer incentives for online and in-store purchases, friend referrals, SMS and email subscriptions, and social media follows. It also includes a highly personalized experience called “Shots,” which offers chances to win giveaways and sweepstakes. 

With a simplified technology stack, increased speed to market for new features like the MVP Loyalty Program, lower costs, and exponential growth opportunities, the Bauer marketing team now has a winning strategy. It can now enhance the consumer experience daily, provide a dynamic onsite experience, and maintain its edge in growing the brand on Shopify. 

The results? A 60% revenue increase, a 30% order increase, and an 18% conversion increase in 6 months post-launch, year-over-year. In the last 12 months, 50% of Bauer sales are from repeat customers, a 7.2% increase from the prior year. Bauer also holds a 17.2% repeat customer rate, a 13% increase from the prior year. The AOV for repeat customers is up over an incredible 134%.

CQL and Yotpo have worked together for over six years and created amazing omnichannel solutions. By collaborating across various teams, including sales, client success, technical, operations, marketing, and partnerships, they have delivered the best digital experiences for mutual clients when re-platforming or considering new ways to grow their business and build customer relationships.

“Our six-year strategic alliance with Yotpo has contributed significantly to CQL's exponential growth with our Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and BigCommerce customers. With Yotpo's results-oriented and extensive portfolio, CQL has expanded its commerce offerings by helping brands attract and retain customers, nurture brand loyalty and engagement, and ultimately enhance customer retention. Together, we're achieving remarkable results and forging a path of sustained success."
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