Yotpo Partner Awards 2024 | The Winners

Best Integration Partner


Best Integration Partner

Leading app or platform whose integrations with Yotpo have been a game-changer for mutual merchants, propelling their growth and demonstrating a measurable impact on their businesses.

From platform integrations to e-commerce-specific AI, Triple Whale helps find the data points needed, with customization and personalization to fit business needs.

JSHealth optimizes their marketing efforts with Yotpo and Triple Whale

JSHealth, a company that sells vitamins and supplements, partnered with Triple Whale to improve their marketing efforts. They tapped into the Triple Whale x Yotpo integration to measure and track the success of each marketing channel, allowing them to gather performance data and attribution, and scale their business.

To build trust and credibility with customers, JSHealth used Yotpo SMS and Reviews solutions to collect verified customer reviews and testimonials. They repurposed this content across their channels to attract new and repeat customers.  JSHealth also used Yotpo SMS flows to stay in touch with customers and ensure the quality of their products and services, helping them retain customers and generate revenue.

Using the Triple Whale performance metrics and Yotpo’s intelligent SMS solution, JSHealth saw increased revenue during promotional periods. The integration provided highly targeted capabilities, which helped them reach their target audience more effectively.

Triple Whale is changing the game in AI and automation technology. Their platform has proven an invaluable tool for Shopify businesses of all sizes. With the integration of Yotpo, Triple Whale has become even more powerful. Businesses can use real-time analytics to optimize their marketing efforts by tracking every SMS and email engagement. Triple Whale seamlessly integrates these metrics, allowing businesses to understand better how their SMS and email campaigns contribute to their overall marketing strategy.

"Even though our integration was only recently launched, it has swiftly gained momentum, and Yotpo has proven to be an outstanding partner throughout all our GTM activities. This marks the beginning of our success as partners, and the opportunities for collaboration and integration hold immense promise for both companies."
Mia Healy

Director of Tech Partnerships, Triple Whale

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