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Excellence Award


Excellence Award


Outstanding agency driving mutual client success through innovative eCommerce strategies, that exhibits commitment to the partnership, consistency and quality of shared business, expertise with Yotpo’s full suite of products, and support across the entire customer lifecycle.

As one of the UK’s leading agency groups, idhl possesses an experienced management team who encourages a culture of constant innovation and optimization.

idhl Group and Yotpo Reviews drive traffic and sales for Casio by increasing brand trust

Global electronics brand Casio has had a longstanding relationship with idhl Group and have worked together for many years, building various sites under the Casio umbrella. Through this relationship, idhl partnered with G-shock to finally build a unified Casio site to house all of their brands within a single destination, including Watches, Calculators, Musical Instruments, and Medical Devices.

idhl Group values Yopto as a best-in-class solution that enables clients to keep tech debt low by combining the same tech solutions for Reviews, VUGC and Loyalty programs. As one of their core tech stack solutions that they consistently present to clients, idhl recommended that Casio implement Yotpo Reviews to build brand social proof, increase onsite conversion, and build trust with new customers visiting their site for the first time. Yotpo also made it easy to collect content to further add social proof and allow customers to leave reviews that positively influence the buyer journey.

Casio’s products speak for themselves, and the number of reviews collected and the ratings they’re getting has helped better illustrate this onsite. Casio is able to utilize custom review questions that are in line with their brand tone of voice and specific to their product categories to capture reviews that make an impact and guide new buyers to find the right choice. With custom reviews, Casio also captures information like reason for purchasing, age, gender, and more, which is used for segmentation to help target customers with the right product recommendations. Yotpo not only helped with onsite reviews, but also in gathering additional content for emails (such as UGC) to help Casio drive impressive traffic and sales.

Since Casio implemented Yotpo Reviews, the brand has maintained a 4.45 star rating and have a 5.89% order to review rate.

They see on average 35% of customers are engaging with Reviews & VUGC duing their session and have seen a 112% conversion lift with those that have engaged with Reviews & VUGC onsite.

Being a large group of agencies, idhl is able to dedicate time and resources to building relationships with technology partners, such as Yotpo, so that they can keep up with the latest innovations within the ecosystem and proactively share these updates with clients. Idhl also values giving feedback to Yotpo, such as which clients are loving the solution, which clients might be having issues, how to mutually support them, and which brands are in the pipeline that would be a perfect fit for Yotpo. idhl loves working with the Yotpo team and their dedicated Partner Manager to stay ahead of new feature launches and how to position Yotpo to resolve client pain points.

"The best part about partnering with a technology vendor like Yotpo is the attention our mutual clients get. From being informed of new feature releases to having the Yotpo team swiftly assist with any client requests, we can rely on our partner to be as invested in our client’s growth as we are.“
Mandy Basra

Technology Partnerships Manager, idhl

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