Yotpo Partner Awards 2024 | The Winners

Excellence Award


Excellence Award


Outstanding agency driving mutual client success through innovative eCommerce strategies, that exhibits commitment to the partnership, consistency and quality of shared business, expertise with Yotpo’s full suite of products, and support across the entire customer lifecycle.

Overdose. is a global Complete Commerce Consultancy with enterprise capability underpinned by startup hustle. They focus on delivering accelerated results through bespoke strategies and deep service integration to their clients supported through accountable partnerships.

Overdose. seamlessly integrates Yotpo Reviews & VUGC for James Lane and Sleeping Giant

Bart Group brands James Lane and Sleeping Giant are Australian retailers offering diverse furniture and home decor products.

James Lane recognized the importance of creating a unified online experience for their lively social media community. To accomplish this, they teamed up with Overdose., and together, they brought the same sense of community pride that James Lane’s followers showed when displaying their furniture in their homes to their website.

Similarly, Sleeping Giant approached Overdose. with a focus on value and understanding that their customers prioritize getting the most out of their purchases. They acknowledged the importance of social proof to assure clients they’re investing in high-value products.

Overdose. recommended Yotpo as a solution for both brands to consolidate user-generated content (UGC) and reviews within a single platform. This would help streamline their tech infrastructure efficiently while being user-friendly and having a short implementation time frame. As a globally trusted partner of Overdose., with a proven track record, Yotpo emerged as the clear choice.

Overdose. has seen a significant increase in customer engagement on its websites over the past six months. This can largely be attributed to Yotpo’s Widget and user-generated content features. The customer engagement strategy centered around the “Post Purchase—5 Star review” section, which has driven most interactions over the past year.

Yotpo’s platform and products have helped both brands better connect with customers and achieve their goals of improving retention, optimizing buyer journeys, and ensuring post-purchase satisfaction. By utilizing Yotpo widgets, the engagement rate increased by 29.4%, conversion rates skyrocketed by 185.51%, and revenue generation contributed 54.3% of the brand’s total revenue. These impressive results demonstrate the remarkable effectiveness of Yotpo’s solutions in driving measurable improvements in engagement, conversion rates, and revenue generation for our brands.

Overdose. and Yotpo work together to help brands take control of their tech stack. Yotpo’s innovative products complement Overdose.’s vision for their clients and enables them to develop custom solutions that meet clients’ evolving needs. Both teams are committed to innovation and client satisfaction, creating a seamless and mutually beneficial relationship based on mutual trust and commitment to the partnership and success of mutual brands.

”Our partnership isn't just business; it's a tight-knit collaboration about mutual success. Yotpo has continued to grow and develop in the Australian marketplace. Their commitment to product enhancement has cemented them as an invaluable ally for Overdose and our clients. With comprehensive training, enablement opportunities, and boots-on-the-ground engagement, Yotpo equips our teams with the tools to deliver top-tier service, upskill, solve problems, and elevate our clients' experiences.”
Laura Jackson

CEO Australia, Overdose.

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