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Best Digital Marketing Agency

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Forward-thinking agency focused on creative and effective customer acquisition strategies across established and emerging media channels or expertise in managed services for SMS and email, which have shown a tangible impact on merchant growth.

Agital is an integrated marketing services agency that delivers measurable impact for marketers and business leaders aspiring to challenge the status quo by uniting agile strategies and innovative technology.

Yotpo’s retention suite drives Agital’s digital marketing for Willow Boutique

Willow Boutique, a clothing company that sells affordable, high-quality clothes, was one of the first businesses to test TikTok Shop and the second to make a sale. They worked with Agital and TikTok Shop to try and break the record for the highest value of merchandise sold during one Livestream event.

The comprehensive services offered by Yotpo, which include email, SMS, loyalty, and reviews, helped Willow Boutique consolidate and streamline multiple functionalities under one umbrella and unlock untapped potential within its loyalty program. The integration of Yotpo and TikTok further strengthened Yotpo’s value and established it as an essential tool within the Shopify ecosystem. TikTok Shop has been an excellent growth lever for Willow Boutique, generating millions in sales in 2023. With this rapid growth, Willow Boutique realized it needed to focus more on customer retention by expanding across the entire Yotpo product suite.

Over the past year, 25% of Willow Boutique’s sales came from Yotpo, with $2MM generated from SMS and 36% of sales from return customers. Over the last 90 days, Willow Boutique has generated $1.26MM in sales from repeat customers, $456k from SMS marketing, and $446k from loyalty members. From the past year to date, the team has generated $7.72MM from repeat customers, $2MM from SMS marketing, and $685k from their loyalty members. These excellent results were only possible due to the amazing collaboration between Willow Boutique, Agital, and Yotpo.

Agital has recently rebranded from Exclusive Concepts and acquired six additional agencies. Throughout this process, Yotpo has been an invaluable partner crucial in driving mutual business success. Yotpo has demonstrated a commitment to collaboration by actively engaging with key stakeholders within Agital’s newly onboarded agencies, contributing significantly to efforts to empower clients and foster growth. As a result of this successful partnership, Agital has become a Premier Partner for two consecutive years, and their inclusion in Yotpo’s Email Advisory Board underlines the mutual commitment to collaborative innovation. Both companies are working towards increasing partner opportunities, leveraging their strategic position as eCommerce thought leaders, and driving even greater success for their mutual clients.

"Partnering with Yotpo has been a fantastic experience, and we’re thrilled to continue collaborating with such a top-tier team. Their dedication to excellence and capacity to drive tangible results for our clients consistently drive our partnership ahead, nurturing growth and adaptation. With their unwavering support and innovative strategies customized to our client’s unique objectives, Yotpo truly stands out as an invaluable partner.”
Samantha Bessey

Partner Development Manager, Agital

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