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Best Tech Partner


Best Tech Partner

Cutting-edge eCommerce technology company that is committed to the Yotpo partnership, sourcing joint business and marketing opportunities, and driving incredible results for mutual clients.

Tapcart is the mobile commerce platform of leading DTC brands, helping brands meet consumers’ digital expectations by elevating the mobile customer experience and turning casual consumers into brand advocates.

LSKD’s new mobile app, integrated with Tapcart and Yotpo, achieves a revenue-driving marketing channel

LSKD is an Australian functional sportswear brand that prides itself in producing high-quality clothing with a street aesthetic. Founded in 2007, they’ve always been inspired by the “restless few who influence style, shape the future and chase the vibe.”  For them, community is everything, and they were in serious need of an outlet where they could reach their shoppers directly and on-demand—without paying a third party for access to their attention. Enter Tapcart.

Like so many D2C brands, Facebook ads and email were LSKD’s biggest re-engagement and acquisition channels. The LSKD team expressed that paying Facebook to run ads in order to access their audience was “the driving force for the business.” Still, they knew that having a mobile app would be a lucrative and forward-thinking investment that would secure long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Yotpo’s suite of retention products works together with Tapcart’s mobile app solution to create the perfect storm for driving retention. By implementing Yotpo Loyalty and Reviews inside of their app, LSKD was able to create a highly converting shopping experience and turn one-time shoppers into lifetime customers.

By launching a Tapcart mobile app, LSKD was able to diversify their owned marketing channel by better influencing customer behavior through push notifications that are very cost-effective compared to other channels. In addition, through Yotpo Loyalty, LSKD was able to increase the number of sessions per user by bringing customers into the app – time and time again.

LSKD’s total GMV increased by 32.5% in the app’s first month and increased by another 45.3% in the second month.  Despite having sold their products online for over 10 years, the app generated 35% of LSKD’s total revenue in just three months. Their app’s quick revenue results blew the team away.

Still, the reasons for the channel’s success were evident to their team: the mobile app conversion rate was much higher than the website’s as the app was a significantly better shopping experience. A premium channel served as a retention tool and gave LSKD a channel to give their top shoppers a premium way to explore and engage with their store.

LSKD continues to leverage their app as an exclusive channel to give its super fans a personalized experience. This strategy is only strengthened with Yotpo’s feature set that helps LSKD drive retention – ultimately increasing LTV and LSKD’s customer community.

With Tapcart x Yotpo, brands can get more from their ecommerce retention marketing with connected solutions that maximize the value of their customers. Tapcart’s integration with Yotpo’s Loyalty & Referrals, Subscriptions, and Reviews & VUGC products enables brands to create a seamless and effortless mobile shopping experience. Tapcart and Yotpo are true strategic partners, and they share a focus on bringing retention-focused messaging to the market. 

“Yotpo's integration with Tapcart allows brands to build seamless mobile shopping experiences across the customer journey. Our shared visions around product-led excellence and cross-functional collaboration sets our partnership apart from the pack.”
Jon Knott

Director, Ecosystem Partnerships, Tapcart

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