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Best Retention Marketing Agency


Best Retention Marketing Agency


Results-driven agency paving the way for brands to craft and execute winning strategies that improve retention and increase LTV with thoughtfully tailored lifecycle strategies for SMS, email, loyalty, and subscriptions.

Hustler Marketing is a full-service agency that serves e-commerce stores and B2B brands around the globe. They help e-commerce newcomers uncover never-before-seen email marketing revenues and support large brands in successfully leveraging new channels.

Hustler Marketing and Yotpo drive customer retention and loyalty for Sunwarrior

When Sunwarrior, a plant-based nutrition and wellness brand, approached Hustler Marketing, they were already a 10-year-old plant-based protein and supplement brand that had established a strong presence in the highly competitive market. While confident in the effectiveness of their products, they were concerned about the lack of customer retention. This was due to realizing they had a significant subscriber base they weren’t fully utilizing. Hustler Marketing helped Sunwarrior develop a comprehensive strategy to increase customer engagement and grow their business. Recognizing the importance of repeat purchases and customer loyalty, Hustler aimed to improve post-purchase experiences, strengthen brand loyalty, and optimize the buyer journey using Yotpo SMS and Loyalty.

Sunwarrior utilized Yotpo’s SMS campaigns and flows to create targeted marketing initiatives using data and insights from the platform. The campaigns helped to effectively engage Sunwarrior’s customer base. Loyalty campaigns and flows were also utilized to establish lasting relationships with customers. A particularly effective feature in driving higher engagement and sales was the “Click to Redeem” option, which offered incentives for repeat purchases and resulted in up to 34X ROI.

Yotpo’s platform was a game-changer for Sunwarrior, allowing them to nurture customer relationships beyond mere sales transactions consistently. They experienced a fundamental shift in their customer journey, thanks to the seamless integration of Yotpo’s SMS and Loyalty products, resulting in a 63% repeat buyer rate—a 152% increase since implementing Yotpo Loyalty! Also, their average SMS flow ROI was 344X, and their highest-performing campaign produced a 54X ROI for a product launch. Ultimately, this integration helped solidify their position as a strong brand in the supplement industry.

Hustler’s dedication to providing outstanding services and ensuring the success of its clients is well demonstrated by its partnership with Yotpo. Hustler consistently recommends Yotpo to its clients because of its data-driven approach, seamless features and functionalities, and proven track record of delivering excellent performance with tangible results.

“Partnering closely with Yotpo has truly been transformative for our clients and us. Their cutting-edge solutions and unwavering support have consistently added immense value to our mutual endeavors. Together, we've delivered tailored strategies and results-driven campaigns that exceed expectations.”
Marina Taylor

Account Manager Lead, Hustler Marketing

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