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Best Retention Marketing Agency


Best Retention Marketing Agency

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Results-driven agency paving the way for brands to craft and execute winning strategies that improve retention and increase LTV with thoughtfully tailored lifecycle strategies for SMS, email, loyalty, and subscriptions.

Sticky Digital is a dynamic retention marketing agency focused on making customers stick by providing cutting-edge email, SMS, loyalty, subscriptions, and tech stack optimization solutions.

Sticky Digital drives retention and repeat purchase for Ascent Nutrition with Yotpo solutions

Sticky Digital began work with supplement and health products brand Ascent Nutrition almost three years ago to build their Yotpo Loyalty program. Ultimately, this transformed into a retention project that aligned all strategies and integrations to drive engagement with returning customers and second-time purchasers.

Sticky Digital took a more holistic approach to retention. To encourage more users to sign up for their loyalty program, they expanded their retention channels with Yotpo SMS, Yotpo Reviews, and Yotpo Subscriptions. This allowed them to trigger flows and campaigns connected to the loyalty program. Through various communication channels, they could then message every returning customer at different points in their buying journey.

When reviewing last year alone, Ascent Nutrition’s email revenue increased by +37%, with the engagement in Yotpo flows being some of the highest-producing flows. They also had an average 5.5% CR and a 10% increase in AOV on their top-performing loyalty flows. They also saw a significant increase in the purchase rate of redeemers (at +90%) versus non-redeemers (at 38%, and 3X revenue from these redeemers.

A consolidated tech stack and the ability to message across platforms can effectively meet every customer in the most effective channel, ensuring they repeatedly return.

Sticky Digital and Yotpo are a perfect example of a fruitful and enduring partnership. Collaboration is grounded in shared values, which inspires the Sticky team to aim higher and achieve more by embracing Yotpo’s cutting-edge services, and dynamic marketing solutions that surpass industry standards and exceed client expectations. Sticky Digital is a firm believer in Yotpo’s impactful services that yield meaningful results, and are continuously learning and exploring new strategies to foster growth within our team. Innovative marketing solutions increase brand visibility, and the partnership is built on a lasting bond that leads to mutual success.

"Sticky Digital leverages Yotpo's suite of retention tools and synergies between Yotpo SMS, Subscriptions, Loyalty, and Reviews to get granular with our messaging to ensure we're targeting the right people at the right time, leading to increased customer retention, higher conversion rates, and steady growth in recurring revenue. Sticky's enduring partnership with Yotpo delivers cutting-edge solutions for our clients and inspires our team to go above and beyond consistently."
Ashley Harbin

Senior eCommerce Strategist, Sticky Digital

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