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Best Retention Marketing Agency


Best Retention Marketing Agency


Results-driven agency paving the way for brands to craft and execute winning strategies that improve retention and increase LTV with thoughtfully tailored lifecycle strategies for SMS, email, loyalty, and subscriptions.

Evocative Media is an eCommerce Growth agency specializing in paid social, paid search, and owned media marketing for transformative growth and consistent results.

Evocative Media and Yotpo enable Naked Harvest to establish a strong and engaged community

Naked Harvest offers a range of wellness supplements that support various aspects of health and vitality. The brand sought assistance from Evocative Media to improve its retention and email marketing strategies. EM provided educational content to strengthen customer relationships throughout acquisition-to-retention while avoiding excessive reliance on discounts. EM also implemented two core Yotpo solutions, Yotpo Loyalty and Reviews & UGC, into its retention strategy. These solutions were carefully selected to create a loyalty program centered around their customers and are well-integrated into Naked Harvest’s overall retention strategy. This program is designed to enhance customer engagement, build deeper relationships, and encourage long-term loyalty

The EM team was determined to add value to the customer experience beyond the product. They employed eight customer-centric email journeys, including the welcome, abandoned cart, and post-purchase series, with the integration of Yotpo Loyalty, Reviews, and UGC. Naked Harvest improved its customer communication by using Yotpo’s platform and products to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences, resulting in more engaging and meaningful communication.

The agency achieved great results using advanced email marketing and retention strategies, alongside Yotpo’s solutions. They generated impressive revenues through email flows, which tripled Naked Harvest’s initial investment and gave a 225% return in less than three months. The Placed Order Rate for the initial Welcome Email was almost 30%, with an average of 5% across the eight-email journey, demonstrating the effectiveness of using data capture and customer nurturing to improve results. In just 30 days, non-discounted revenue accounted for 76% of the total revenue generated by email, showing a significant shift towards value-driven engagement.

Yotpo’s solutions have significantly improved Naked Harvest’s acquisition, on-site conversion, retention, and overall growth.

Evocative Media and Yotpo work together to provide top-notch customer experience and sustainable growth for eCommerce brands. Yotpo puts its partners first, ensuring seamless collaboration and innovation with EM, allowing them to navigate modern commerce with agility and precision. The EM and Yotpo teams work closely to strategically source opportunities to influence Yotpo solutions and contribute to product evolution. This level of engagement is rare and speaks volumes about Yotpo’s partnership approach. Together, they are setting new standards in customer experience and achieving tangible results in today’s competitive eCommerce landscape.

"Our partnership with Yotpo represents a transformative leap forward in how we deliver value and support to our mutual clients. By integrating Yotpo's cutting-edge technology with our tailored strategies, we can unlock unprecedented levels of personalization, engagement, and loyalty within the customer journey. This synergy amplifies our clients' brand presence and cultivates a deeply connected and loyal customer base.”
Jess Vassallo

Founder & CEO, Evocative Media

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