Yotpo Partner Awards 2024 | The Winners

Best Digital Marketing Agency


Best Digital Marketing Agency


Forward-thinking agency focused on creative and effective customer acquisition strategies across established and emerging media channels or expertise in managed services for SMS and email, which have shown a tangible impact on merchant growth.

EmailClub is the email marketing agency for 7-figure (and beyond) eCommerce businesses, optimizing CLTV and increasing retention with well-thought-out email and SMS marketing strategies.

EmailClub drives significant ROI with Yotpo SMS campaign for Unbottled

Unbottled offers eco-friendly household products and personal care items, aiming to reduce plastic waste through sustainable alternatives. Unbottled ran a successful “No Plastic Days” sale with the help of digital marketing agency EmailClub.

EmailClub used Yotpo SMS to segment customers based on preferences and to create highly targeted campaigns. Yotpo SMS’s affordable pricing and advanced segmentation capabilities made it a great choice. Additionally, EmailClub used Yotpo SMS to automate pre-purchase and post-purchase communications and to improve retention.

During the “No Plastic Days” sale campaign, Unbottled sent two text messages—one on the opening and one on the closing sale days. Both messages drove high levels of engagement, with an average click-through rate of 4%. The campaign generated 265K€ over three days, resulting in a 10x ROI!

EmailClub often collaborates with Yotpo to create powerful digital marketing plans for mutual brands. When EmailClub starts working with a client, they recommend integrating with Yotpo because they have great confidence in the platform, its customer service, and its ability to implement email and text messaging strategies seamlessly, ultimately leading to an enhanced end customer experience.

“Yotpo has been a crucial partner of EmailClub since we started. We have used Yotpo's SMS solution to drive sales for our customers. Our close relationship with Yotpo has been a great help in enabling the solutions for our customers.”
Thomas Pedegaye

Founder & CEO, EmailClub

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