Yotpo Partner Awards 2024 | The Winners

Best Digital Marketing Agency


Best Digital Marketing Agency


Forward-thinking agency focused on creative and effective customer acquisition strategies across established and emerging media channels or expertise in managed services for SMS and email, which have shown a tangible impact on merchant growth.

Reload Media is an independent, award-winning full-service digital marketing agency that assists leading Australian retailers in navigating the digital landscape.

HipKids build strong customer relationships with the help of Reload Media and Yotpo

While HipKids offers high-quality children’s products, their target audience of parents, grandparents, extended family, and friends prioritizes quality, design, and trusted recommendations when choosing products for the children in their lives. HipKids sought to leverage customer rewards, referrals, and their existing reviews and user-generated content (UGC) programs to enhance brand loyalty, increase customer lifetime value (CLV), and drive profitable growth.

Recognizing the value Reload Media brings in driving digital marketing initiatives across the entire customer lifecycle, HipKids approached Reload to support them in the launch of a Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals program, integrating directly into their email and performance marketing strategies, to enhance customer loyalty and drive profitable growth in a competitive market. The focus on acquisition through parent referrals was also paramount for HipKids, so Yotpo’s referral solution also played a pivotal role in the launch of this program.

The program launch surpassed all expectations, with an impressive 55.9x return on investment and a 100% return purchase rate among loyalty program members. The results showed a 29% increase in the average order value, with loyalty program members contributing 10.6% of total eCommerce revenue and their customer lifetime value grew to 12.9x more than non-members.

By aligning efforts with HipKids’ objectives and providing ongoing support, Reload Media helped elevate its customer engagement strategies and drive measurable growth in loyalty program participation and overall business revenue.

Considered one of Reload’s priority partners, the Yotpo team is a critical part of the agency’s commitment to showcasing clients and prospects that they work with the best retention marketing solutions in the industry. The foundation of trust and respect established in the partnership with Yotpo, coupled with the innovative technology embedded in the Yotpo platform, makes referring to Yotpo a natural choice for Reload. The decision to continue to partner with Yotpo is driven by Yotpo’s market leadership, focus on innovation, and capacity to revolutionize retention marketing solutions.

"Teaming up with Yotpo for Retention Marketing in E-commerce is a win-win! We love crafting the best-in-class digital strategies that keep customers coming back for more, and Yotpo's expertise empowers us to deliver this in the best way for our clients. We advocate for Yotpo because they're more than just a partner – they're an essential ally in our mission to implement forward-thinking retention strategies that deliver tangible results. We are proud to refer to Yotpo as a natural choice for Reload, and we are confident that our partnership will contribute to the growth and success of both companies.”
Requelle Aiken

Email & Lifecycle Marketing Lead, Reload Media

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