Danielle Butera
Senior Manager, Agency Managed Services @ Yotpo
October 27th, 2021

We’re excited to provide Yotpo’s agency partners with a program designed to help them build and scale their clients’ businesses.

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As part of our ongoing investment in the long-term success of both our agency partners and their clients, we are thrilled to announce the new SMS marketing Managed Services Program. The Managed Services Program represents a unique opportunity for eCommerce agencies to build and develop a comprehensive SMS marketing service offering for their clients. Through this program, agencies will have access to all of the necessary tools and support to build their SMS practice from the ground up or enhance their existing SMS marketing services with optimization planning and ROI-driven strategy enhancements.

This release marks another advancement in Yotpo’s global partner ecosystem, following the launch of the new and improved Agency Partner Program this past May and the streamlined Partner Portal in September. Through these programs, we are providing our agency partners with the best way to leverage our eCommerce marketing solutions to ensure their clients’ success.

“Since partnering with Yotpo SMS Managed Services, we’ve had major wins for all our clients,” says Arik Ahluwalia, CEO & Founder of Spring Media. “I didn’t realize how much opportunity we were leaving on the table for our clients before. The results we’ve been able to generate with Yotpo’s guidance have been unreal. I’m happy and our clients are happy.”

Why SMS Marketing?

Mobile commerce is the new preferred shopping channel and the fastest growing marketing platform, with 6-8x more customer engagement than email. SMS marketing directly engages mobile customers on their mobile phones, where they are 209% more likely to send a response through SMS than any other channel.

Plus, with recent privacy changes implemented by Apple in the iOS 15 release, opt-in marketing channels are more important than ever. SMS marketing is already adapted to the mobile-first, customer-first, privacy-first environment, so it is the perfect way for brands to collect zero-party data and effectively engage consumers as privacy policies continue to tighten.

The Benefits of Building an SMS Marketing Offering

  • New revenue stream: Build your own service-based, high-growth recurring revenue stream and expand your SMS marketing service offerings. Your dedicated Managed Services Strategist will help you develop the best pricing and marketing strategies for your services.
  • Accelerated results: Your clients will see better results when they combine Yotpo SMS & Email with other Yotpo integrated products, such as Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals and Reviews. For example, brands that send SMS Review Requests see a 66% higher conversion rate compared to email and 80x+ ROI on SMS + Loyalty flows throughout the loyalty customer lifecycle.
  • Out-of-the-box service offerings: Expand your SMS marketing service offerings and tap into the best of Yotpo SMS & Email for your clients: growth strategies, advanced segmentation, automated flows, and campaign calendars.
  • Strategic go-to-market opportunities: As a partner, you’ll have exclusive opportunities to access unique resources and event sponsorships, and to leverage Yotpo’s network of 24k brands already working with Yotpo SMS & Email.

How to Join the SMS Managed Services Program

The SMS Managed Services Program is a unique program open to Yotpo’s wide community of agency partners. We have a 360-degree approach to supporting our partners by providing them with all of the tools, resources, and support they need to successfully launch and implement smart SMS Marketing campaigns and support their clients’ growth. Learn the main stages and resources needed to quickly start, scale, and optimize a managed services program with this initial guide.

  • Dedicated Partner Managers and Customer Success Managers that empower agencies to be in the driver’s seat of their clients’ success.
  • Onboarding expertise and SMS strategy consultation to support agencies with their new clients and ensure their SMS marketing channel is up and running as quickly as possible, setting them up for scalable success.
  • Exclusive access to education and enablement materials, including an asset library, case studies, and sales material, plus certifications courses.

The Managed Services Program, combined with Yotpo’s uniquely dedicated and highly engaged Partner Managers and SMS Strategists, delivers on Yotpo’s promise of a superior partner experience for our wider community of partners. Here’s to delivering success, together.

For more information about Yotpo’s SMS Managed Services Program, schedule some time with Danielle Butera here.