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April 24th, 2019

Optimize Your Email Marketing with Yotpo and Klaviyo’s New Integration

Engage your buyers with effective email campaigns

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While Facebook and Instagram may seem all-powerful these days, email is still king when it comes to marketing strategy. According to a Klaviyo study of 1,000 companies, email accounted for over a quarter of their overall store revenue (27%).

“On average, our customers sell one out of every five dollars directly through Klaviyo, and top brands are driving close to half of their sales through email,” says Agata Celmerowski, VP Marketing at Klaviyo.

Not all emails are created equal

To create successful campaigns that will drive people to purchase, your emails must be:

  1. Narrowly segmented
  2. Filled with powerful content
  3. Triggered to reach customers’ inboxes at opportune moments

Our brand new integration with Klaviyo helps you achieve all three.

According to Luke Butler, Director of Marketing at fast-growing athleticwear brand SheFit:

Yotpo’s integration with Klaviyo makes incorporating our user-generated content into email campaigns so quick and easy. UGC is crucial for building customer trust, loyalty and interest, and since implementing reviews into our emails this is evident, as our CTR has increased by 5.8%.”


yotpo klaviyo integration

Yotpo + Klaviyo

Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with Yotpo, allowing users to strengthen their email campaigns in order to increase click-through rate and overall revenue. With Yotpo and Klaviyo you can:

1. Enrich the content of your email campaigns with highly effective customer content

Yotpo and Klaviyo users have the ability to display influential customer reviews in emails, which adds a layer of powerful social proof — our data shows the average conversion rate of visitors who see UGC is 161% higher than those who don’t. Yotpo’s AI-powered automation will embed the highest converting reviews in your campaigns.

The reviews can be automatically sorted by topic and product, to showcase only the most relevant ones in email campaigns. If you’re promoting a sale on denim, for example, you can filter by topics like “fit,” “style,” and “comfort,” and products like “jeans” and “jackets.” Filling your emails with content that fits your customers’ needs and interests is an essential part of creating campaigns that convert.

According to Celmerowski: “Smart segmentation goes beyond data-driven lists — if you don’t tailor your messaging, you’ll be seen as out of touch.”

2. Improve campaign segmentation based on reviewer data, behavior, and attributes

Users can easily pull in reviewer data, including most recent review scores and number of reviews submitted, as well as custom questions data, like style preferences, skin type, age and more, to create highly segmented email campaigns that drive click-through rates.

“The more refined your segmentation, the greater chance you have of resonating with your customer, building a deeper relationship, and encouraging them to come back,” says Celmerowski.

3. Trigger campaigns based on review scores

Finally, with Yotpo and Klaviyo’s integration, users have the ability to proactively build email flows by triggering emails based on review scores and quantity. If a customer leaves a positive review, make sure they receive a “thank you email.” After a negative review, send a 25% off coupon as an apology. By capturing your customers’ attention at moments when they’re most engaged, you’ll build brand advocates while increasing conversion rates.

According to Guangyong Chuang, Digital Strategy & Growth Lead at effortlessly on-trend clothing brand Hello Molly:

“The contact sync feature of Yotpo’s integration with Klaviyo has been such a big help. It allows us to engage customers at a moment of high satisfaction after leaving a positive review. We capitalize on this by triggering automated emails thanking them and encouraging them to share our brand with their friends. This is such a great way to round out the post-purchase experience and build re-engagement loops, with the added benefit of nurturing powerful brand advocates.”

For step-by-step instructions on how to use the Yotpo and Klaviyo integration, check out the Klaviyo Integration Guide in our Help Center.

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