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eCommerce Visual Marketing Industry Benchmarks
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See which eCommerce verticals best leverage customer photos and how you can stand out in your industry.

User-generated photos increase engagement for new shoppers and existing customers alike.

Using customer photos on site encourages consumers to imagine themselves using your products, while submitting those photos gives people who have already received their purchase the chance to share their experience and engage with your brand.

But unless you have the data to understand the real impact these photos have on your key business metrics, it’s difficult to see their true value.

Here’s the latest industry benchmark data so you can better understand how your performance stacks up.

Let’s dive into the data to see which eCommerce industries are getting the most value out of their user-generated photos.

How Many Customer Photos Should You Get?

You can collect photos from different marketing channels like email and social curation, but do you know how many you should be getting to drive business value?

Featuring customer photos on your product pages can increase eCommerce checkout by up to 29%.

But you need to collect them before you can publish them on-site.

With the potential to increase sales this much, it’s important to optimize your content collection to meet or exceed industry benchmarks.

The graph below shows which industries collect customer photos for the highest percentage of products.

visual marketing customer photos industry benchmarks

Standard industry benchmarks:

  • Furniture Stores: 23% of products have customer photos
  • Animal & Pet Supply: 22% of products have customer photos
  • Baby & Toddler Stores: 16% of products have customer photos
  • Health & Beauty Stores: 16% of products have customer photos

Here’s one customer example showing the impact visual marketing can have:

See how Rugs USA includes user-generated photos in their reviews to boost conversion by showing how customers style their own homes.

How Many Customer Photos Should You Show Off?

It’s not just about how many customer photos you’re getting — the amount of photos stores display on their product pages is what matters in the end.

By looking at the amount of customer photos published on product pages, you can understand best practices for how many product pages throughout your store should feature user-generated photos.

Visual content showing genuine experiences of people using your products keeps shoppers on your site longer and pushes them to purchase.

Industries that publish customer photos for the greatest share of products are:

  • Animal & Pet Supplies – publishes customer photos for 18% of products
  • Arts & Entertainment – publishes customer photos for 10% of products
  • Health & Beauty – publishes customer photos for 10% of products
  • Electronics – publishes customer photos for 9% of products

Pet supply store Pawstruck collects photos in reviews and displays them on their product pages, as seen below.

Customer photo example

This picture engages shoppers, complements the review, and gives Pawstruck an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.

How To Optimize Your Visual Marketing

See more value from your customers’ photos by getting the data you need to build an eCommerce visual marketing strategy that brings results.

The bottom line?

People like to share their experiences. Increase engagement and conversions by collecting and publishing customer photos for as many products as possible.

Joanna Alter
Joanna Alter, Managing Editor at Yotpo
Joanna is a proud Badger and Connecticut native who loves showing people around Tel Aviv. She is interested in cool SaaS companies, live music and good food with no tomatoes. Follow her @alterjoanna
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