Last updated on October 17, 2023

Carmel Zein
Senior Marketing Manager, APAC @ Yotpo
June 28th, 2022 | 4 minutes read

Check out how Princess Polly, Glam Raider, and Lyres are retaining customers with top-tier customer experiences across every marketing channel.

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For eCommerce brands, driving retention means effectively engaging your customers on every channel — including loyalty programmes, SMS marketing, on-site experiences, and more. 

According to a 2022 survey conducted by Yotpo, over 69% of global respondents say a loyalty programme makes them more loyal to a brand. And, over 38% of consumers say they buy from a brand 5+ times before considering themselves loyal. What does that mean?

Brands have to work hard on every channel to earn their customers’ loyalty. 

Loyalty programmes increase average order value (AOV), repeat purchases, and lifetime value (LTV), and they also turn happy customers into brand advocates. They keep shoppers engaged, making them a win-win retention strategy.

Check out the following brands that are expertly leveraging loyalty, SMS marketing, and customer feedback to drive retention and build experiences that keep their shoppers coming back again and again.

Princess Polly builds connections with SMS marketing

Fashion and apparel brand Princess Polly knew they needed to deliver an experience — not just a product — to capture and keep their customers’ attention. In addition, their international presence required finding a global technology partner that would meet their needs for personalization, as well as seamlessly integrate with their existing tech stack, especially their loyalty programme, to drive retention.

Launching SMS marketing checked a crucial box for Princess Polly’s retention strategy. Plus, Yotpo SMS & Email’s integrations aligned with their desire for unified technology. An already existing Yotpo Reviews & Yotpo Loyalty client, Princess Polly was drawn to the ability to craft a personalized and seamless customer journey with all three products. “Platform synergies are necessary to ensure everything is talking to each other. It’s a must for delivering the best customer experience,” says Zorn. 

So, what were the results? Princess Polly drives 43% MoM subscriber growth from their checkout and pop-up subscription sources and keeps their SMS community engaged with consistent SMS marketing campaigns. They send end-of-month SMS campaigns to their customers, helping them exceed revenue targets, and their most recent flash sale campaign saw a 41% conversion rate and 73x ROI from their non-engaged segment alone. 

With SMS marketing as a key component of their retention strategy, Princess Polly easily strengthens the entire customer journey and keeps their audience loyal.

Glam Raider establishes trust with real customer feedback

Beauty brand Glam Raider knew they needed to leverage customer feedback — in the form of real reviews and customer photos — to take their retention strategy to the next level. With reviews enabled on each product page and a gallery of user-generated photos, Glam Raider builds trust with prospective shoppers and returning customers alike, setting the stage for long-term retention. And, after two months of launching with Yotpo Reviews, the brand has seen great success.

Now, Glam Raider has generated over 721 reviews, with an average star rating of 4.7 across products. And, their email open rate is steadily increasing with a 40% average open rate.

Onsite, 70% of users engage with the reviews widget when visiting the site, and 72% of total orders come from users who engaged with the widget onsite. Plus, users who engage with reviews spent 90% more time onsite compared to users who don’t engage.

Lyres creates an engaging loyalty programme

Non-alcoholic spirits brand Lyres was looking for a loyalty program that would not only reward customers for purchasing, but to help their brand get to know customers even better. So, the Frequent Sipper’s Club was born.

Now, Lyres’ loyal customers, the frequent Sippers VIPs, are not only redeeming points more often and spending more, but they’re also increasing the brand’s followers & actively engaging on social channels. Now, the loyalty program not only helps solidify their retention strategy, but it helps with acquisition as well. 

With an engaging loyalty programme, Lyres’ average order value is up 60%, revenue is up 27%, and loyalty members have a 30% higher purchase rate compared to non-members.

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