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Fomo + Yotpo eBook: Amplifying your eCommerce Conversion Rate with Social Proof

We’ve teamed up with the social proof experts at Fomo to create the ultimate data-driven guide to leveraging social proof.

Long gone are the days when online eCommerce businesses could rely solely on traditional advertising to achieve maximum profitability.

Online shoppers need reassurance that the products they’re looking to purchase will meet their standards offline as well.

To ensure that your potential customers feel confident in their buying decision, showcase social proof on your website and throughout your marketing efforts.

In this free guide by experts at Yotpo and Fomo, learn what social proof is, how you can start collecting and measuring social proof from your customers, and the strategies you can use to scale and automate that user-generated content to see surging eCommerce conversion rates.

Are you getting results from social proof? Get expert tips for marketing with customer content.Read NowData-driven insights on conversion, UGC and social proof.
Ruthie Berber
Ruthie Berber, Marketing Project Manager at Yotpo
Ruthie is a London expat living in Tel Aviv. She loves crossing items of her To-Do List and kicking off awesome marketing campaigns.
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