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Best Design & Dev Agency


Best Design & Dev Agency

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Best-in-class design & dev agency crafting seamless, user-centric and highly creative eCommerce experiences, and pushing the boundaries of Yotpo’s platform to delight customers with engaging loyalty programs and conversion-boosting UGC assets across the user journey.

Tomorrow & Half Helix joined to create Domaine, the world’s largest independent Shopify design & development partner, purpose-built for ambitious and beloved brands.

Domaine leverages Yotpo’s retention marketing suite to reposition Benchmade’s DTC site

Benchmade is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality knives and edged tools, known for precision engineering and craftsmanship. As it repositioned as a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, Benchmade approached Domaine in order to create a platform that would appeal to a wider range of customers, which also showcased the company’s custom manufacturing capabilities and leadership position in the industry. To achieve this, Benchmade migrated from Adobe Commerce to Shopify Plus and collaborated with Domaine to design a new eCommerce experience that prioritizes brand storytelling, exploration, and product discovery.

Domaine has found that leveraging multiple products from Yotpo’s retention marketing platform can help brands build customer engagement, community advocacy, and increase retention. To provide their customers with engaging and impactful experiences, Domaine recommended that Benchmade implement the full suite of Yotpo products, including Yotpo Reviews, Loyalty, VUGC, and SMS. Yotpo’s consultative advice was also instrumental in helping Benchmade to launch new features such as the featured reviews widget. By leveraging Yotpo, Benchmade was able to promote brand advocacy, engagement, and lasting relationships, leading to an increase in conversion and revenue results.

Benchmade has a strict style guide, but with the Yotpo platform, they were able to customize the styling of all brand-specific designs on their Shopify site for every feature. This included styling reviews, the featured reviews widget, API for form submission, and styling UGC widgets.

Following the launch, Benchmade saw an incredible increase in YoY performance between 2022 and 2023. The success of the new site launch can be attributed to its emphasis on brand storytelling, exploration, and product discovery, as well as its strategic implementation of Yotpo’s retention marketing solutions.

Over the years, Yotpo and Domaine (formerly Tomorrow and Half Helix) have experienced tremendous growth in their partnership. The teams have collaborated even more deeply in sales, delivery, and marketing. Yotpo has strong integrations with Shopify and other leading third-party vendors in the Shopify ecosystem, making it a reliable strategic partner for Domaine. The Yotpo team is proactive throughout the planning and implementation process, ensuring a smooth integration and Domaine’s client-facing teams continue to support the sales cycle by onboarding long-term Yotpo clients to other products. Domaine is also a valued member of Yotpo’s Subscriptions Advisory Board, supporting the Yotpo Subscriptions product and roadmap with their agency experience and client point-of-view.

"Yotpo is a stable powerhouse in the e-commerce landscape. At Domaine, we are continuously impressed by the ease of use for developers and wider business stakeholders. The growing, integrated landscape of offerings provides a powerful way to enable brands to innovate while streamlining technical overhead. We are deeply excited about the continued growth of Yotpo’s Ratings & Reviews, Loyalty & Referrals, Subscription, and SMS platform offerings.”
Max Rolon

CTO, Domaine

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