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Best eComm Expert


Best eComm Expert

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Leading player in the eComm ecosystem, taking the industry to the next level through consulting, thought leadership, and product advocacy. Expert at driving sales, building loyalty with customers, and helping brands stay top-of-mind and increase retention.

Anatta forges DTC industry leaders through game-changing partnerships. Their dedicated staffing solutions, strategic business guidance, and tech stack mastery empower mid-market and enterprise brands to take on wildly ambitious roadmaps.

Anatta helps Mack Weldon with a successful migration to Shopify and scale the new site with Yotpo solutions

Menswear brand Mack Weldon’s initial partnership with Anatta was to facilitate a world-class eCommerce experience from homepage navigation to usability to checkout and post-purchase. After migrating Mack Weldon’s website from Spree to Shopify Plus, Anatta optimized it for speed, performance, scalability, and conversion. Anatta integrated best-in-class applications with Mack Weldon’s Shopify site to ensure an exceptional eCommerce experience that builds trust and supports ongoing loyalty.

In line with Mack Weldon’s goal, Anatta used Yotpo Reviews, UGC, and Loyalty solutions to create a customer experience that fosters trust and loyalty. Yotpo’s seamless integration with Shopify APIs enabled Mack Weldon to capture user reviews for a single apparel item across all variations.

Yotpo’s solutions enabled Mack Weldon to develop a unique brand experience that accommodates customer needs and preferences and builds consumer trust. Implementing Yotpo Reviews on PDPs resulted in a 25% increase in CVR, a 6% increase in AOV, and a 15% increase in ATC for new site visitors.

Overall, Anatta’s optimization of Mack Weldon’s website and integration of Yotpo’s solutions have yielded significant improvements in conversions and add-to-cart for new site visitors.

Anatta and Yotpo have been partners for several years, and their teams closely collaborate on co-selling, event hosting, and generating new business opportunities. Moreover, Anatta has recently joined the Yotpo Partners advisory council for Subscriptions. This partnership aims to guide the product roadmap and plans to offer this product to multiple enterprise-level merchants. Anatta and Yotpo are committed to a strong future together, catering to mid-market and enterprise merchants, and providing customized commerce experiences.

“Anatta’s mission has always been to create the best possible outcomes for our clients, delivering gold-standard technology and design solutions for their digital presence - and Yotpo’s solutions continue to be an integral part of that process. Working with the Yotpo team since our partnership began has proven to be an invaluable experience, and we look forward to many successful collaborations in the future.”
Nirav Sheth

CEO & Founder, Anatta

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