Melanie Koss
Customer Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
April 18th, 2018

Enhance Your Email Marketing With UGC

Our latest integration with Oracle Bronto allows you to create triggered email campaigns featuring star ratings, reviews, and more.

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Email marketing is the number one channel for most brands when it comes to re-engaging past buyers and enticing browsers and brand fans to make a purchase. But today’s consumers get dozens of emails each day, and competing for engagement in a crowded inbox is a serious challenge.

Ideally, your target audience should see your emails as they would a message from a friend: personal, engaging, and relevant.

We’re excited to announce that we just teamed up with Oracle Bronto to help you acquire and convert more customers using authentic, engaging, and user-driven content.

ORACLE Bronto & Yotpo integration

Our brand new integration with Oracle Bronto leverages social proof to create more powerful and personalized email marketing campaigns.

Segmenting your campaigns according to buyer behavior and profiles creates a sense of personalization that customers respond to, and sending them authentic content helps separate you from sounding like just another branded ad.

By using your customer voice through user-generated content, like reviews, ratings, and photos, in combination with highly targeted emails, you can create a peer-to-peer conversation that encourages engagement.

For example, instead of showing a past buyer 3 pairs of shoes that go with the socks she just bought, show her excerpts from 5-star reviews alongside the shoes. This way, she joins a conversation about your products with other members of your customer community.

The social proof of a peer endorsement gives your email campaign a personal touch that not only increases CTR and conversion, but also creates an emotional connection with your brand.

Yotpo’s CEO and Co-founder Tomer Tagrin put it perfectly, “Imagine having the ability to further segment customers based on order size, UGC engagement, and sentiment toward specific products, or boost product recommendations, upsells, and cross-sells by programmatically displaying the highest ratings and testimonials in email campaigns. These are just a few of the powerful applications unlocked by Yotpo’s collaboration with Oracle Bronto.”

Whether you are sending personalized cart abandonment emails with recommendations from past buyers, or infusing browse abandonment campaigns with high star ratings, adding social proof to your email campaigns drives click-through rates back to your site, so you can engage past buyers and potential customers.

“Collaborating with Yotpo allows our joint customers to leverage the power of Bronto’s sophisticated and easy-to-use commerce marketing automation to enhance and improve the effectiveness of eCommerce email marketing campaigns using engaging and authentic user-generated content,” said Oracle Bronto, General Manager, George Moser.

How it works

Oracle Bronto seamlessly syncs with Yotpo to automatically incorporate user-generated content in email marketing campaigns, improving conversions by as much as 166%.

With the new integration, you can Incorporate UGC in targeted email campaigns, including:

  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Product recommendations
  • Browse abandonment emails
  • Inventory and price drop alerts

Machine learning informs which reviews are deployed, algorithmically pulling top performers based on score, content length, recency, engagement, and sentiment analysis.

The integration also enriches email contact lists with UGC data, enabling Oracle Bronto and Yotpo customers to create new audience segments based on that data and trigger intelligent email flows in response to particular review events.

Empower your email campaigns with social proof

To integrate your Yotpo admin with Oracle Bronto, follow our integration guide and start empowering your email marketing campaigns with social proof!

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