These 17 European Brands Are Winning With Yotpo

Get inspired by these brands who consistently deliver top-notch eCommerce experiences.

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Customer experience is the foundation of eCommerce success. For eCommerce brands, that means doing everything possible to ensure that every customer, both new and returning, has an out-of-this-world shopping experience that keeps them coming back.

Check out these 17 European brands creating unforgettable shopping experiences with Yotpo.

Fashion & Accessories

Represent Clo

With quality, fit and detail as the core pillars for their products, luxury streetwear brand Represent Clo brings fine craftsmanship to hoodies, T-shirts, sneakers, and more.

What inspires us:

  • Represent leverages the innate benefits of SMS alerts by promoting early access and product drops for shoppers who sign up. This air of exclusivity is not only in line with the cool luxury DNA of the brand, but it creates a great value exchange for customers to sign up.

Orlebar Brown

Since March 2007, British resort wear and lifestyle brand Orlebar Brown has reinvented holiday style for men, with the brand’s classic shorts remaining the original and best ‘shorts you can swim in.

What inspires us:

  •  When a customer browses the site, they see a gorgeous gallery featuring Instagram photos of real customers wearing (and loving!) their Orlebar Brown products. That social proof builds shopper trust from the very beginning of their time on-site shopping journey.

  • In addition, Orlebar Brown makes browsing reviews to find the most relevant feedback easy. Filters like size, fit, fabric, colour, design, style, and more help shoppers zero in on the product features that are most important to them.

    Hey Harper

    Hey Harper was founded in 2018 on the mission to make every woman feel confident with her second skin: her jewellery. Hey Harper is known for uniquely designed jewellery with ever-standing colour, which includes a full range of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and anklets that are completely waterproof.

    What inspires us:

    • Product pages not only feature reviews — they feature highly detailed reviews, including reviews with photos and videos. Shoppers can filter between reviews based on age ranges, whether or not the jewellery kept its colour, whether or not the buyer would recommend the piece, and more. Plus, their reviews also highlight popular topics, like “Gold” or “Gift,” so shoppers can find information that’s most relevant to their needs.
    • Hey Harper also features a Q&A on their product pages, enabling shoppers to ask the brand direct questions about the products and fostering transparent and authentic shopper feedback.


    Minimalist menswear brand ASKET offers customers timeless wardrobe essentials, revolutionary sizing, fair pricing, and ethical manufacturing. By putting their entire focus in building a single permanent collection, they help consumers create a wardrobe with fewer pieces, free of compromise, but full of love.

    What inspires us:

    • Once shoppers make it to product pages, ASKET’s features filterable reviews related to height, weight, and fit to help shoppers make the most informed purchase they possibly can.

    • Plus, the brand showcases engaging Instagram photos from real customers wearing the products, adding a personal, real-life touch to the shopping experience and boosting trust in the brand.


      aim’n is a Swedish activewear brand founded by women, for women. Their aim is to inspire and motivate women around the world to choose an active lifestyle and make them believe in themselves & their dreams.

      What inspires us:

      • aim’n not only features filterable reviews on every product page, with topics like “length” and “material” to choose from, but the brand enables shoppers to ask questions about the products as well. With answers from the community, shoppers can be confident in every purchase decision they make.

      Miss Mary

      Miss Mary has a never-ending passion for making high-quality bras that combine perfect fit with timeless design and optimal comfort. Their website places a heavy emphasis on tools to help shoppers achieve the proper fit, which is why it has converted so many of them into satisfied customers.

      What inspires us:

      • On product pages, customers can ask questions about sizing advice or product specifications, and the Miss Mary customer service team is ready with answers.
      • Reviews can be filtered by common concerns that consumers have when bra shopping, like fit, comfort, and support, enabling the brand to be sure it’s meeting the needs of every customer.

      Health & Beauty

      Iconic London

      One of the hottest beauty brands on the market, Iconic London has gone from humble beginnings to featured in Vogue, used by the likes of Kim Kardashian, and stocked in one of the most prestigious department stores in the UK. Loved by professional makeup artists, celebrities, bloggers, and leading beauty editors, the brand has built a squad of loyal customers worldwide.

      What inspires us:

      • Iconic London has unique and eye-catching visual galleries on their website featuring real customer photos and reviews. Plus, detailed reviews on product pages enable shoppers to find the reviews best suited to them, and a Q&A feature welcomes product questions.  By putting this customer feedback front and centre, Iconic London has built an engaged community that enthusiastically reviews and shares.

      • Iconic London’s loyalty program makes it easy for fans of the brand to earn rewards for shopping. With points for purchases, writing reviews, and engaging with the brand across social, Iconic London loyalty members can build up points to purchase their favourite products. Plus, with their referral program, shoppers can get rewarded simply by encouraging friends and family to purchase.


        The Erborian skincare brand combines the effectiveness of herbs from the traditional pharmacopoeia with Korean formulation technologies. Their mission is to enable all women to obtain their perfect skin, simply and distinctly.

        What inspires us:

        • Perfectly matching the brand aesthetics, sleek Instagram galleries across the website feature real customers. Plus, links back to the product pages make it easy for shoppers to make a purchase after seeing this visual content.

        • Erborian also encourages shoppers to leave photos with their reviews. This social proof enables prospective shoppers to see what the products look like on real people, boosting shopper trust. Plus, with a Q&A feature, shoppers can ask the brand any questions they might have, allowing them to get up close and personal with the brand, forging a connection that’ll keep them coming back.


        Melvita’s skincare formulas are developed from vegetable oils, floral waters, and honey to create the organic of tomorrow. Their high-quality, natural products are easily integrated into any beauty routine and provide the skin with what it needs every day, naturally.

        What inspires us:

        • Melvita’s website features beautiful on-site galleries with Instagram photos from real shoppers showing how the products have improved their skin. With add-to-cart buttons directly on the photos, new customers can get directly to the product pages to make a purchase as well.

        • Melvita doesn’t only display reviews on product pages. They also feature beautifully designed reviews into curated galleries that are featured on the brand’s homepage.


        Fifteen years ago, two university students in England were looking to boost their gym training results using protein supplements. The only problem: They couldn’t find information about the ingredients or get access to products in large quantities. So they decided to simply make their own, creating transparent and industry-leading products that anyone could trust. Since then, bulk™ has evolved from protein supplements to offer a host of health and fitness products, from vitamins to sports equipment and more, all across Europe. Since day one, their core mission of transparency and providing customers with only the highest-quality products has been the driving force of their success.

        What inspires us:

        • bulk™ has doubled down on reviews, enabling any shopper to find a piece of feedback that’s relevant to them. They’ve now collected a staggering 200,000+ reviews across all domains, with over 1,000 reviews coming in per month, per domain.

        • The brand showcases visual galleries of athletes drinking bulk™ pre- and post-workout, giving shoppers a visual sense of the product in real life.

        REN Clean Skincare

        Refusing to compromise on clean ingredients for efficacious results, REN Clean Skincare has been at the forefront of creating skin-loving, natural solutions for over 20 years. Each product in the collection is formulated without ingredients that have a history of causing skin sensitivity and delivers category-leading performance in terms of effectiveness to help support healthy and glowing skin.

        What inspires us:

        • Customers can interact with REN in a Q&A section,  enabling the brand to address queries and concerns about products.

        • Thousands of quality reviews allow customers to evaluate products for their skin type and needs. Plus, REN takes those reviews and places them front-and-centre. They’ve created beautiful and eye-catching visuals that showcase top reviews on product pages, driving conversion from new shoppers.

          Aurelia London

          Aurelia London is made in Britain, with the purest of BioOrganic ingredients sourced sustainably from around the world. Pushing the boundaries of science and nature, the brand has celebrated winning over 100 industry and consumer awards since 2013 for their beautiful products.

          What inspires us:

          • Aurelia London’s visual galleries, complete with customer photos and videos, are stunning, showcasing their products and their results in an eye-catching, effective way.

          • The brand features review filters based on common skin product concerns, like texture and smell, so shoppers can easily read customer feedback about what’s most important to them.

          Home & Electronics

          PMT Online

          Professional Music Technology is an award-winning chain of musical instrument superstores, with 16 stores across the UK. Whether you’re picking up a guitar for the first time or you’re a veteran sound engineer looking for a new mixing desk, you’ll find it either in-store or online from PMT.

          What inspires us:

          • PMT goes beyond standard post-purchase review questions to help new shoppers choose the best product for their needs.  For keyboard players that means knowing specifics, like key response and portability or, for guitarists, learning more about the style and playability of a product. That makes it easier to then display reviews with filters for the topics that matter the most for each instrument group.


          Bonsoirs is a French company that offers hotel quality 5-star bedding. The brand’s ultra-soft and comfortable sheets, pillows, and more have earned them thousands of 5-star reviews and an engaged community of happy customers.

          What inspires us:

          • Bonsoirs displays their featured customer reviews in beautiful widgets on their homepage and various product pages, inspiring new shoppers from the moment they land onsite.
          • The brand has collected all of their customer reviews to display on one page (more than 8,000 reviews in total) to boost brand sentiment and SEO results, as well as give shoppers an idea of how many satisfied customers are out there.

          Babies & Kids


          Joolz is a collective of people and parents with one common belief: that positive design can make a difference. They design safe, ergonomic, and stylish pushchairs that are easy to fold and manoeuver.

          What inspires us:

          • Beautiful and stylish galleries curate Instagram posts of real customers using the products, encouraging new shoppers to “get inspired.”

          • With a broad customer base, Joolz also offers the option of displaying multi-language reviews. This not only makes it easy for multi-national shoppers, but it helps to foster a community across regions.

          Food & Beverage


          Founded in 2010, Grenade’s mission was simple: to create an iconic weight-loss product and become THE brand within Sports Nutrition. Grenade is now available in over 80 countries, with a multi award-winning product range.

          What inspires us:

          • Visual reviews lets shoppers see the products in real life, through customer photos and videos of the products, while review filters help shoppers find out exactly what they need to know.

          • Grenade staff members answer customer questions quickly to connect with customers in a public forum and respond to their needs quickly.

            Sports & Outdoors


            Swiss premium outdoor brand Mammut provides high-quality products and unique brand experiences to mountain sports enthusiasts around the globe. By thoughtfully creating an engaged online community, the brand has earned the loyalty of the outdoor set.

            What inspires us:

            • Displaying reviews within a pop-up onsite means no endless scrolling or navigating away from the product to read customer feedback. Plus, by asking reviewers to weigh in on fit and usability, the brand easily addresses the two main concerns for outdoor enthusiasts.

            • This stunning gallery of customer photos curated from Instagram shows real outdoor enthusiasts using Mammut’s products on their adventures. Customers tag photos with #mammut_swiss1862, and then photos are displayed on the brand’s homepage in an aspirational gallery of customers literally achieving great heights with products from the brand.


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