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Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
October 18th, 2018

Leverage Shopify data in Flow to enhance your incentive marketing program.

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Are you making the most of all of the data available to you? Shopify Plus stores troves of data for your store, from each individual order that you process to the specific online and offline interactions between customers and your brand. But what are you doing with all of that data?

Shopify Flow was designed to help you make use of that data. It enables stores to build multi-step automated workflows that can be used to accelerate day-to-day business tasks and increase overall efficiency. On its own, Flow allows you to massively increase your store’s ability to gather information and make data-driven decisions. With Yotpo’s data, the benefits are even greater.

Using Yotpo’s Flow Connector, all of the information that was previously siloed away in your Shopify account can now work together with Yotpo and is actionable in hundreds of ways across numerous platforms to best meet your store’s needs.

What exactly is a Connector for Flow?

Connectors for Flow are unique integrations built by technology providers that allow brands to start or end workflows. Flow itself has built-in “Triggers”, “Conditions”, and “Actions” that brands can use to create workflows. These are mostly centered around order information, payment status, and product updates. Connectors for Flow expand the possibilities for “Triggers” and “Actions” outside of Shopify’s capabilities by leveraging a diverse network of apps and technology platforms.

swell shopify flow connector

The Workflow Progression Within Flow

Easily import your Shopify data into your incentive marketing program

Yotpo’s Loyalty & Referrals solutions have long provided users with the ability to create “Custom Actions” through our “Actions API”. These Custom Actions are a way for brands to think creatively about their programs and reward their customers for actions that are uniquely valuable to their business. KidsShoes, for example, built a Custom Action designed to reward customers for sizing their kids’ feet on a custom mobile app. Other businesses created Custom Actions to reward for completing surveys, custom experiences, user-generated content, and more.

“For brands without engineering resources, building Custom Actions through our Actions API can be a challenge. This is where our Connector with Flow comes into play. Now, any combination of “Triggers” and “Conditions” in Flow can be used to initiate an Action within Yotpo with no technical knowledge necessary.

swell shopify flow connector

The Custom Action setup process


The setup process is quick and easy for Yotpo brands. Simply create and name a Custom Action campaign. Then in Flow, once you’ve chosen a Trigger and Conditions for your workflow, click the Actions Dropdown and select the Yotpo Action to Reward Points. From there, simply enter the name of the Custom Action you created into the Yotpo Action in Flow!

swell shopify flow connector

3 Incentive marketing possibilities that Flow unlocks

So what types of actions are now easily accessible through Yotpo with Flow Triggers and the growing network of Flow connectors? The possibilities are nearly endless, but we’ll highlight a few that we find particularly exciting.

Seamlessly Integrate with Flow connectors of your choice

With Yotpo’s Connection to Flow, new integrations are attainable by simply creating a workflow within Shopify. We’ve taken the time to build out comprehensive integrations with many prominent technology partners in the Shopify space, but with so many new and exciting apps involved in the Shopify ecosystem, we can’t build integrations with everyone.

Now however, for apps that build Connectors with Flow, Yotpo can automatically reward your customers based on the apps’ pre-built triggers. This is most notable with customer behavior-focused apps and email marketing providers:

Email Marketing: If your email service provider has built a Connector with Flow, any data it sends to Shopify via their Connector can be used to trigger an action within Yotpo.

Customer Behavior: Any provider with a connection with Flow can send a trigger to Flow in order to incentive an action within Yotpo. For example, when adds an item to their Wishlist using Wishlist Plus, we can automatically reward points or a 10% off discount on that product. Or we can drive engagement with your brand by rewarding customers who sign up for In Stock Alerts through the app’s Connector.

As more and more apps build and add to their Connectors, the possibilities will continue to expand. Yotpo could eventually integrate with every gift app constructed to reward extra points to shoppers who send gifts to friends, or reward customers automatically when support tickets are resolved positively. The future of Yotpo and Flow as it matures is truly exciting.

swell shopify flow connector

A few technology providers with active Flow Connectors
Automatically re-engage inactive customers in Yotpo

Yotpo provides merchants with a detailed customer profile. This data offers deep insights and allows you to understand the performance of your incentive program; however, it can take time to properly package and act on this data when your customers are underperforming in the program. Using Flow, you can automate customer tags to create specific customer segments of those who are at varying risks to “churn”. From there you can trigger a reward to those customers based on your new customer segments.

For example, create a segment for customers who make purchases at least 6 months apart and those who haven’t made a purchase in over 10 months. Offer points to the shopper who hasn’t been back in 6 months and double that amount to the shoppers who are most likely to churn (haven’t purchased in over 10 months). By using segments to identify and re-engage inactive customers, you encourage higher LTV and further personalize the customer experience.

Create Highly Specific Points Earning Campaigns

Yotpo offers several highly flexible pre-built and proven points earning campaigns (our existing punch card and goal spend campaigns), but sometimes a more extreme degree of flexibility can be valuable to capitalize on your brand’s unique needs.

Flow’s “Conditions” make it uniquely positioned to help Yotpo tackle edge-cases in which Yotpo users may be interested in rewarding their customers points. While Yotpo’s pre-built settings allow merchants to choose options based on specific order tags, customer tags, product tags, and more, creating combinations of conditions gives the Flow integration additional flexibility to find situations that are rare, but potentially high-value.

For example, if a merchant reaches a certain spending threshold on a specific day of the week, you can use Yotpo to automatically trigger a bonus reward to that shopper. You could also automatically reward a shopper who makes 3 purchases with at least one of them being over $200.

No matter which unique sequence you might need to build for your business, Yotpo’s Flow integration will likely make it easy to create.

Looking forward with Yotpo and Shopify Flow

We are huge believers in both the power of Shopify Flow and more interconnected commerce marketing solutions. Triggering Yotpo actions through Flow is just the beginning. As we continue to strengthen this integration going forward, we’re looking to continue to build more Yotpo actions and launch triggers to help you leverage more of your Yotpo data with the other Connectors in the Flow ecosystem.

Our goal is to provide you with as much actionable data as possible. What you do with that data through eCommerce automation is up to your imagination. Yotpo’s platform was built on the idea that more flexible and tailored programs perform better and our Shopify Flow integration embodies that philosophy.


Please note that this integration is only available to stores on the Shopify Plus platform — you can get started through your Shopify admin. For more information or to get our Shopify Flow Connector working for your store check out our detailed integration documentation and step-by-step instructions

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