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Olivia Staub
Product Marketing Manager, Email at Yotpo
November 29th, 2021 | 6 minutes read

Solving for fast and reliable SMS delivery can be a complex task.

We’ve made it our specialty.

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SMS is growing, and it is quickly becoming the channel of choice for brands and consumers alike. With more brands adopting the channel, however, the competition for customer attention on mobile is now even more fierce. Delivering the right text message, to the right customer, at exactly the right time to engage them is therefore critical, especially during peak shopping periods like the holiday season.

But communication isn’t always reliable — just take the worldwide Facebook and Instagram outages as one example. Disruptions to carrier networks, invalid phone numbers, spam filters, and more can cause SMS delivery failure and prevent you from getting onto your customers’ phones first. So how can you guarantee that your SMS messages get where they are going, so you can drive the most revenue for your business? With an SMS marketing platform that specializes in fast and reliable SMS delivery.

Yotpo SMS & Email has a best-in-class SMS Deliverability Engine that does all the heavy lifting for you. We solve for message deliverability so you can focus on what matters: maximizing the results of your SMS marketing program and accelerating your business growth.

Reach your customers at the right time, every time

Before you can engage your customers and drive them to purchase, you first need to reach them. We provide market-leading throughput for every single brand, regardless of your size or how many messages you send, so you can deliver those SMS and MMS messages in microseconds without interruption, even during carrier peaks.

But we know every business (and every customer) is unique, and what works for one might not be best for another. That’s why our expert SMS deliverability team is always on hand to share insights and best practices, so you can consistently reach your audience with the SMS messages that matter most. From dedicated short codes to toll-free numbers, we’ll help you choose the phone number that is best for your needs and location, and we’ll do all the work: verification, provisioning, set-up, and onboarding. Already curious which number is right for you? Here are some quick insights.

Dedicated Short Codes vs. Toll-free Numbers:

Dedicated short codes are five or six digits in length and are exclusive to your brand. While they require onboarding and slightly longer verification by U.S. carriers, dedicated short codes allow you to gain maximum throughput for faster SMS message speed and deliverability, which is why we recommend them to brands with 10,000 subscribers or more. Toll-free numbers, on the other hand, are 10-digit codes, which can be issued immediately and are free to license. These numbers provide good deliverability for brands looking to get started with SMS marketing quickly or those with smaller subscriber lists.

Once you have your phone number, skip the spam filter! Yotpo SMS & Email’s rich features like easy-to-save contact cards and built-in carrier verification help prevent your phone number from being mistaken for spam right from the start. Consumers don’t want spam, and neither do you.

Send text messages across the globe

Have customers in other countries? Your SMS messages can reach them there. Seven years of experience in SMS has provided us with an extensive network of global carrier partners to ensure your text messages arrive despite any one carrier’s disruptions. There’s no need for integrations with local aggregators or managing complex local carrier requirements on your own.

Plus, our global SMS tools and practices are TCPA, CTIA, GDPR, and CASL vetted, so you can connect with your customers compliantly in each country you send to and more confidently scale your SMS program all over the world.

With direct, high-quality routes and built-in compliance for time zones, your SMS marketing campaigns will be adaptable too. All SMS messages sent using our platform are smart enough to not only reach subscribers internationally, but also account for time zone differences, so you never disturb a subscriber during quiet hours.

Optimize performance with expert insights and analytics

You don’t just have to take our word for it — we share everything we know, as soon as we know. Get complete transparency into your SMS program’s performance with advanced deliverability analytics, so you can track the status of every text message you send, then optimize for success based on the results.

Planning your promotions ahead of time for a big shopping event or holiday? Our SMS deliverability experts will equip you with industry best practices to ensure you are prepared. They’ll consider number types, throughput capacity, and overall traffic to advise you on which messages are delivering the fastest, and offer technical guidance to help you avoid delays. This advanced planning and support ensures an optimal SMS delivery rate every time, even when faced with challenges.

We were super happy with the texts during BFCM. Everything went smoothly and there weren’t any hiccups with sending or delivery. We know that MMS has lower deliverability in peak times, but we decided to use it anyway, and sending and everything was great. I was expecting a little bit slower speed and that didn’t happen, so we were super excited and happy with the results. — Lea Minarikova, eCommerce Manager, Böhme

Just click send and we’ll do the rest

You’ve worked hard to craft your SMS strategy, and we want you to see results. Our team of expert strategists are armed with SMS deliverability know-how to help your brand connect with customers everywhere you operate with the best possible outcomes. We are always just a message away, offering 24/7 support to ensure your SMS marketing program is always delivering timely messages and powerful results.

Here at Yotpo SMS & Email, we know how important it is for you to get your messages to customers reliably and quickly. A late or poorly timed message can damage the relationships you’ve spent years building, impacting your customers’ lifetime value. Our investment in our brands extends to our investment in deliverability. We give brands confidence with an advanced infrastructure from years of experience sending messages with carriers, along with expert-run checks to ensure optimal message performance. Our dedicated deliverability team works 24/7 directly with global carriers to ensure unmatched deliverability rates, and the best performance for you. — Kim Winter, Director of Product Marketing at Yotpo

Trust Yotpo SMS & Email

Your brand’s SMS marketing success can only go as far as your messages. Trust Yotpo SMS & Email with your SMS deliverability, and you will always get your message across. Request a demo with one of our experts.