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Get more from your eCommerce marketing, with connected solutions that maximize the value of your customers.

Yotpo powers the most innovative brands
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The building blocks to create customers for life

Our reviews, SMS, loyalty and referrals, and subscriptions products spark engagement, develop community advocacy, and increase retention — all in one place.

Create those perfect moments when everything just clicks

Yotpo products work together out-of-the-box, and integrate with every solution in your tech stack — allowing you to access a connected data layer and deliver seamless experiences that delight customers.

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+ 73 X

ROI on triggered SMS flows and 39% CVR on abandoned cart messages

“With Yotpo SMSBump, the revenue per customer is higher than email. We’re able to focus resources on driving more subscribers because it’s been so effective.”

Tyler Prone, Director of Growth Marketing at Parks Project Read more
Revolution background
+ 8 X

ROI from loyalty and 44% increase in AOV from loyalty members

"The performance of RevRewards was better than what we modeled. Look at the LTV for the best customers; members are shopping nearly four times a year."

Sally Minto, Digital Director at Revolution Beauty Read more
Chubbies background
+ 56 %

of all sales are from engaged shoppers who have interacted with reviews

"Yotpo has been vital in understanding, do people like this product? Are they engaging with this product in the way that we want them to?"

Tom Montgomery, Co-founder & CMO at Chubbies Read more
Princess Polly BG
+ 43 %

MoM subscriber growth and millions in sales since launch

“Being able to send personalized messages throughout the loyalty customer lifecycle has helped us retain our customers and build up our SMS community.”

Kim Zorn Head of Performance at Princess Polly Read more
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+ 25 K

5-star reviews and an above average order-to-review conversion rate

"Brooklinen wouldn't be what it is without our customers, and we need to know how they feel about us so we can create better, more positive experiences."

Jack Lorentzen, Senior Associate at Brooklinen Read more
Ministry of supply background
+ 10 X

higher engagement with the referral program after adding loyalty

"We have great customer relationships, and we needed a way to market that to our shoppers while showing our best customers how much we appreciate them."

Dan Weisman, VP of Marketing at Ministry of Supply Read more
Untuckit background
+ 20 %

higher conversion rate for shoppers that engaged with customer photos

“We’ve taken the analytics we get from Yotpo and use it to guide our production side. What’s the next product people want? How do they want it to be designed?”

Alberto Corral, Director of Marketing at UNTUCKit Read more
HH background
+ 45 %

increase in YoY online revenue, and 24% increase in overall site traffic

“We are extremely happy to be partners with Yotpo, a company that continues to lead the way in user-generated content and has results that speak for themselves.”

PJ Utsi, Chief Creative Officer at Vaimo Read more

Marketing that actually moves the needle on revenue.

revenue LTV CVR

Drive more sales

Yotpo gives you a range of ways to impact sales. Add recurring revenue, increase AOV, or create experiences that improve product discovery.

Increase repeat purchases

Minimize the time between purchases with perfectly-timed engagements and rewards that are tailored to each customer, yielding higher lifetime value.

Maximize conversion rates

Convert more shoppers with authentic content that alleviates hesitation, rewards that motivate, and messaging that creates a sense of urgency.

See it in action with Yotpo products
Recover +33% abandoned carts with SMS & Reviews Read more
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Use SMS to give personalized product recommendations Read more
Card mockup
Loyalty & Referrals
Give double rewards to promote new product releases Read more
Card mockup
Loyalty & Referrals
Boost repeat purchases with rewards reminders Read more
Card mockup
Loyalty & Referrals
Incentivize customers to buy from new categories Read more
Card mockup
Win back +18% more customers with SMS Read more
Card mockup
Answer shopper questions with Q&A Read more
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Visual UGC
Convince shoppers to buy with Instagram galleries Read more
Card mockup
Increase conversion from emails with reviews Read more
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