Platform Brand Kit

Boost engagement
Increase conversion rate
Product logo / Logo / SMS SMS
Product logo / Logo / Reviews Reviews & UGC
Product logo / Logo / Loyalty Loyalty & Referrals
Product logo / Logo / Subscriptions Subscriptions
Product logo / Logo / Email Email


Make on-brand experiences even easier by managing your creative assets, fonts, and colorways all in one place. You can apply the Platform Brand Kit to all onsite assets, or continue to evolve them alongside your brand.


Why it's different

Main Takeaways
Enjoy a better user experience when onboarding a new Yotpo solution or when using multiple solutions.
Customize customers’ on-site experiences without extra energy or resources.
Create a unified look and feel across your brand assets.

The Platform Brand Kit makes your life that much simpler when onboarding a new Yotpo product. You can easily set up your brand logo, colors, fonts, and more, then apply them to widgets and templates when using any Yotpo product. Get a preview of the assets in an email template and all Yotpo product onsite widgets. Save your settings for use when you’re ready to apply to a new email template or reviews, loyalty, subscriber collection or subscription onsite widgets!

And you only need to do it once! For Shopify users, this process is even easier. This new feature automatically retrieves brand colors, logos, and button settings, and then migrates them to the Platform Brand Kit.

With all of your creative assets in one place, you can apply them to on-site widgets and customer communications with no delays.

Platform Brand Kit