Transform reviews into a conversion machine

Maximize sales by leveraging user-generated content such as reviews, ratings, and visual media to influence purchase decisions, build trust, and optimize the shopping experience.

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higher CVR on SMS review requests
CVR boost with AI-enhanced Reviews & UGC widgets
higher purchase likelihood after seeing customer photos
AI-powered widgets

Simplify reviews consumption

Leverage our AI-powered widgets to provide concise reviews summaries elevating shopper experience and inspiring quick purchase decisions.

Amplified reach

Convert across all channels

Adapt to changing consumer behavior by syndicating reviews across key platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Shop App, Walmart, and others to drive conversions.

Visual UGCs

Showcase visuals by real customers

Inspire shoppers with user-generated images and videos, curated from socials or direct submissions, showcasing real product usage. Visual UGC drives conversions like nothing else!

Strategic display

Show relevant reviews only

Surface reviews that contain the most relevant information for your customers to help them make quick purchase decisions.

"Confidently find shampoo for dry hair thanks to insightful reviews, Q&A, and photos smartly showcased on our product pages."

Reviews that inspire purchases.

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