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Cut back costs with pay-as-you-go pricing, inactive subscribers exclusions, and dedicated growth experts by your side, helping you boost ROI from day one.

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Stop overspending on disengaged subscribers

Keep your subscriber list healthy and save dollars while keeping your email reputation intact. Get automated exclusion recommendations based on previous behavior and maximize ROI.


We’re ROI-obsessed

Slashing costs is great. Boosting ROI is even better. Our product and team are dedicated to boosting your deliverability, open, and click-through rates, unlocking more sales, and keeping your subscribers engaged.


Only pay for what you send

Say goodbye to being charged for emails you end up never sending. Enjoy maximum flexibility and pay only for what you use, saving up to 40% compared to most vendors.


Understand your spend

Get full visibility into the exact cost per message, down to the campaign and flow level. Our pricing is surprise-free, giving you the freedom to fully plan your strategy.

“With Yotpo Email, we can connect directly with reviews, loyalty, and referrals- allowing us to communicate with customers more effectively.”

Email that simply delivers.

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