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How you can boost your onsite experience with a reviews and ratings widget

Increase conversion with UGC

Use ratings and reviews from your shoppers at key moments in the customer journey to drive conversion

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What is a rating widget?

The Yotpo review widget makes it easy for you to show your customer reviews at every stage of the customer journey.

As online shoppers are unable to physically touch your products, they must rely on the opinions and testimonials of other shoppers. Our rating widget and review plugins create a sense of community and popularity around a product by allowing your business to show off all your best reviews in the most important places on your site.

Unlike other forms of customer feedback that are used internally to help guide your company in making important decisions, customer reviews help guide customers in making purchase decisions by using social proof to reduce buyer anxiety and provide useful information and insight from a buyer’s perspective. When used correctly and perceived as authentic, a review widget is a great tool for driving traffic and boosting sales.

Why does a review plugin or rating widget matter?

Increase Conversion Rate

Ratings and reviews plugins work in conversion rate optimization because of their relevant, authentic, and relatable content. Reviews help prospective customers learn more about the quality of the products and set expectations for the brand.

Yotpo eCommerce data has found that 41.5% of shoppers won’t purchase from a site that doesn’t offer insights into a customer mindset, such as product reviews, while 27.5% state lack of trust in the brand as an obstacle to converting. The voice of the customer is important for conversion rate because it helps shoppers visualize the product through relatable experiences of others, which conversely drives the desire to purchase.

Showcase content that speaks to your customers

Placing the rating widget at key moments along the customer journey helps to create an overall shopping experience that is bolstered by reviews. Your customers are becoming increasingly tired of the same marketing-speak used by brands to lure them in and make a hard sell. Whether on your site’s homepage, or browsing through products, your ratings and review widget helps you put your best foot forward by letting your customers do all the talking.

The best thing about incorporating user-generated content into your website is that it is constantly fresh. Your shoppers will be seeing reviews that are written specifically about the products they are browsing on the reviews plugin, and in their own words address any hesitation or concern by offering their opinion. By that same token, ratings and reviews have a way of influencing customer behavior. Products with high ratings get more reviews and more sales than those with low ratings. By including ratings next to your products, it’s almost as if your past shoppers are giving their endorsement of your products, which does so much more than what your brand could do with words.

Boost organic traffic

Looking at the chart above, it is clear to see that the SEO benefits of having customer reviews on-site are undeniable. Reviews provide search engines with fresh, relevant content that relates directly to the queries of your customers.

It is not always possible to churn out tons of new content, especially if this content is specifically produced for SEO purposes. Review are a constant source of fresh, engaging, and relevant content that shows not only that your site is active, but naturally help your site rank for long-tail keywords.

How Yotpo’s Ratings and Reviews Widgets can help you boost conversion

Show your best reviews with the Reviews Carousel

Lots of websites do a good job of securing trust on product pages, but many struggle to create engaging content along the rest of the customer journey. Yotpo’s review carousel can be placed along other pages of your site – including your home page, cart page, and checkout. Using sentiment analysis technology that recognizes the meaning of words used in reviews you collect from your customers, the reviews widget shows only the best and recent reviews to the rest of your customers. The review and ratings widget is designed to be space efficient and mobile friendly, so that when a customer lands on your site they are able to see it straight away without scrolling. Your customers are looking for quick and easy-to-digest information; give them the information they need so they don’t have to search for it using the reviews widget.

Establish trust with verified buyers

Trust is hard to earn with customers. Naturally, they are hesitant to believe many customer product reviews they see on the web. Oftentimes they may be fake, or even created by the business itself to help boost their online image.

With the verified buyer feature, Yotpo will send an email from the store to the buyer asking them to leave a review. Once they have done so, they are considered a verified buyer and a check mark appears next to their review on the rating widget. This simple, yet effective step in the review process allows for potential shoppers to feel confident in knowing the review left is real and authentic.  

Show off your verified reviews with review badges

The more reviews you have, the more transparency you create with customers. Even bad reviews are important to ensure both balance and authenticity of your product. With Yotpo review badges, proudly show the milestone number of reviews that your store has reached.

Once a customer clicks on the badge, it will take them to a testimonial page where they can see all your site reviews on rating widgets. To top it all off, users are able to navigate to specific product testimonial pages to get more specific information.

Using your negative reviews on your site through a review and rating widget is a way to show your customers not only that you are able to receive their honest feedback, but it provides you with an opportunity to address their concerns – which bolsters their trust in your brand, and adds to their overall experience of shopping with you.

Customize the look and feel of your widget

The ratings widget allows you to prominently showcase your reviews on product pages in a fully customizable format. Design the widget to match the look and feel of your store and customize the default sorting of your reviews to prioritize the order of the reviews shown in the widget. Each review will appear with a title, review content, and its associated star rating.

Promote products within the Reviews Widget

You can also use the rating widget to promote products on your website. The promoted products section of the new widget is great for leveraging the power of the star rating and the total number of reviews to drive visitors to specific products. Showcase your most popular products and select the reviews that you would like to appear on the widget, and motivate your customers to keep browsing your site.

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