Emma Fried
Product Partnerships Manager @ Yotpo
June 8th, 2023

Get ready to optimize the post-purchase experience with the Yotpo and AfterShip integration.

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In the eCommerce world, customers’ experiences and expectations are constantly changing. But there are a few must-haves that remain necessary time and time again.

For instance, customers want personalized and seamless shopping experiences. They want to choose how to communicate with the brands that they’re most loyal to, and they want customized offers that take into account their likes and dislikes.

They also want fast and free shipping with little to no delays, and more importantly, they want the ability to track their packages. In fact, according to research from Verte supply chain, 80% of online shoppers have high expectations when it comes to tracking their packages. More than 90% of shoppers track their packages, with approximately 20% of people checking shipment progress several times throughout the day.

Keeping these customer expectations top of mind, we’re excited to announce our partnership with AfterShip — a post-purchase platform that provides software for shipment tracking, returns management, estimated delivery prediction, and more.

The Yotpo and AfterShip partnership

The integration between AfterShip and Yotpo empowers users to automate post-purchase communication with tracking data sent in real-time via AfterShip. Brands tracking with Aftership can monitor their shipments from over 1,000 couriers, track shipping progress for their customers, and automate communications for delivery.

AfterShip is thrilled to partner with Yotpo to create a holistic customer experience and boost brand engagement. Our integration offers proactive shipment notifications, timed post-delivery reviews, and loyalty points for shipping exceptions. With real-time data and automation, we are poised to deliver a strategic advantage to eCommerce brands. This partnership empowers brands to build a seamless customer journey, retain customers long-term, and make informed decisions with our joint solution. 

— Andrew Chan, Co-founder & CPO at AfterShip

Yotpo brands using Shopify, Shopify Plus, Salesforce, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento can all take advantage of this integration.

Yotpo products that integrate with AfterShip

AfterShip integrates seamlessly with Yotpo SMS & Email and Reviews.

Yotpo SMS & Email

By connecting AfterShip with Yotpo SMS & Email, brands can add shipping data to their automated flows to track progress in real-time. This integration allows brands to send personalized texts and/or emails to their customers, sharing updates about the shipping progress as well as their order status.

Merchants can now offer proactive communications and spark two-way conversations with SMS and email automation to reduce order tracking-related confusion.  

— Ricky Au, Product Marketing Manager at AfterShip

Yotpo Reviews

AfterShip also integrates with Yotpo Reviews to alert brands when a shipment has been delivered. With this alert, merchants can trigger a review request via Yotpo. By setting up this automation, brands can ensure that review requests are only sent after a package has been delivered.

Soon, your eCommerce brand will also have the chance to integrate AfterShip with Yotpo Loyalty!

How to get started with AfterShip

Ready to optimize your customers’ post-purchase experience? Get started with AfterShip.

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