Aliza Polkes
Copywriter & Editor @ Yotpo
January 31st, 2019

Inside Sunski’s Multi-channel Engagement Strategy for Top Customers

Find out how Sunski leverages insights from Swell and Klaviyo to make the most of relationships with loyal customers.

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Eco-friendly sunglasses brand Sunski has been producing high-quality-yet-affordable shades since 2012. The San Francisco-based company, which launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign, has established itself as a desirable alternative to the major players dominating the sunglasses market.

Sunski revived an old-school line of Australian surfer shades known as “Sunskis,” but added a sustainable twist. Today, the durable shades are made from recycled plastics, and come with a lifetime warranty.

This past holiday shopping season, Sunski introduced a new engagement strategy for its VIP loyalty program members. Using Swell and Klaviyo, Sunski was able to differentiate between customers by level of loyalty, and to reward and interact with them accordingly.

As part of Klaviyo’s Beyond Black Friday series, Sunski’s marketing team sat down to discuss the details of their new and improved customer engagement strategy.

For video highlights, check out the edited transcript below.

VIP customer strategy during the holidays

Over the course of the year, through the use of Klaviyo and Swell, who operate our rewards program, we identified that there were different tiers of Sunski customers. So we’re using different factors like amount of dollars spent, amount of orders placed, or amount of sunglasses purchased to create lists of customers that we deem VIP.

We use those lists to drive specific messaging and offer exclusive additional discounts that people can layer on top of the promos that we run on Black Friday. We do this to:

A) Thank our customers for being loyal Sunski fans
B) Give them some exclusive discounts

We try to drive the revenue as far as we can during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Talking to VIP customers like friends and family

These people are members of Club Sunski. Potentially, they’re part of our survey research groups. So they are really close to our inner circle, and when I read through all our customer reviews I realized: these people don’t think of themselves as VIPs in the typical black and gold sense of the word. They’re really more Sunski friends and family. So that was actually the copy that we ran with.

Targeting VIP customers on Facebook

There are a lot of audiences we have identified internally that we’d like to target that we’re testing right now. We’re also taking advantage of the Klaviyo Facebook integration that allows us to create lists off of our existing customer data and pass those right into Facebook for direct advertising and lookalike audience advertising.

We’re able to create lists and audiences of our VIP customers and our customers who have purchased specific style sunglasses, and then target them with a specific message. We also create lookalike lists off of them, and provide those lists with similar messaging. We’ll hopefully acquire some new customers through that integration.

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