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April 12th, 2017

Fashion Email Marketing Insights From Klaviyo

How should retailers optimize their email marketing efforts to see real results?

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Ever wondered how much your subject line affects conversion rates?

Or when is the best time to send out your email marketing campaign?

Klaviyo is an email marketing tool that helps stores target, personalize, measure and optimize campaigns — and there’s no one better to help you answer these questions.

That’s why, in our latest industry benchmark report, we teamed up with experts from their team to look at what data matters to fashion retailers. 

Check out what Klaviyo’s VP Marketing Agata Celmerowski has to say about why email marketing insights matter to your eCommerce strategy and learn more about the report. 

Yotpo and Klaviyo

Why Data Matters for Fashion eCommerce Businesses

“Data should drive every step of the marketing process, from who you target and what you say to how you deliver your message, measure your results, and improve performance,” Agata Celmerowski, VP Marketing at Klaviyo, says.

“Customer data gives stores the ability to send precise & relevant messages. Shoppers benefit from smarter email strategies as well because they get communications that appeal to them.”

Celmerowski’s favorite insight from the report is based on Yotpo’s analysis of 3.5 million post-purchase emails asking customers for reviews.

Tiny changes in subject lines make a big difference in results: Adding an exclamation point can lead to 27% fewer reviews, while adding a question mark can increase reviews up to 23%.

“On the surface, it’s just a small change in punctuation — but it can have remarkable implications,” says Celmerowski.

Effect of adding question marks to review requests

“At Klaviyo, we’re dedicated to data-driven marketing, so Yotpo was a wonderful partner for this report for two reasons. 

First, they’re deeply invested in analyzing eCommerce data and turning it into actionable insights.

And second, they’re outstanding at supporting eCommerce retailers in showcasing user-generated content across a variety of platforms, which increasingly drives decision-making for online shoppers.”

Top Tips from Klaviyo

What are Celmerowski’s most valuable pieces of email marketing advice for fashion ecommerce stores?

Leverage your data to better connect with your customers.

She explains that most stores are sitting on a mountain of data that they’ll never sift through. She suggests stores look closely at all of their campaigns and automated email sequences.

“Which ones are your stars and what can you learn from them? If you’re sending out one abandoned cart series, analyze the results.

Could you create 3 different series, each tailored to a different segment?

Be relentless in your search for opportunities to improve, and we predict you’ll see the results in the form of store revenue.”

Don’t be intimidated by data and strategy.

“Think through the customer journey and automate as much of your communication as possible — it’s the fastest path to growing your sales through email marketing.

And when it comes to your email automation software, don’t sacrifice functionality for usability, or vice versa. You can have both!”

Want to learn more? Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in the full report:

  • How to improve the customer lifecycle of fashion shoppers.
  • Best practices and smart strategies for improving consumer engagement, increasing customer lifetime value, and more.
  • Actionable stats specifically related to how user-generated content and email marketing combine to bring amazing results.

Are you a fashion retailer? Download the free report!

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