Heather Serdoz
July 5th, 2023

First launched in 2018 by master esthetician Baylee Rolf, DIME Beauty creates luxurious skincare, beauty, and wellness products. Their product lines are clean, effective, and affordable for all ages and embody their motto, “Loving Your Skin Again.” 

Considering how competitive the beauty industry has become, DIME knew customer retention was going to have a huge impact on their long-term success. The brand works diligently to execute a retention strategy that is far more than skin deep. 

Al Salomon, Retention Director at DIME Beauty, gave us the inside scoop on the brand’s plans for retention, their success with our multi-product platform, and how making the move to Yotpo Subscriptions was the game changer they didn’t know they were waiting for. 


Read on for the full Q&A.  


How has partnering with Yotpo Subscriptions impacted your retention strategy?

As the Director of Retention, retention is definitely a buzzword, and everything we do is trained to convert our customers to become both loyalty customers and subscription customers. 

There’s tons of overlap between the two customer types that just end up in the returning customer “bucket”. After moving subscriptions over to Yotpo, we now can see customers redeeming loyalty points on subscriptions and we’ve seen about 17% of loyalty redemption on subscriptions, which is huge because we want customers to keep purchasing from us. Subscriptions are the best way to do that.

What is the impact on your business to be able to leverage connected solutions and shared data?

Retention, at its core, is trying to keep a customer around. I think it becomes difficult for merchants or brands to do that when they don’t have a full picture of each customer. They don’t know what it was that converted the customer or the type of messaging that the customer is receiving. 

When brands use different tech stacks, their data lives in different platforms. So you can only ever assume where your data points connect, or you’re doing a lot of DIY work — which I do not recommend if you want to have weekends. 

But with Yotpo, we have our loyalty, subscriptions, and SMS users all in a single dashboard. We have strategic partners over at Yotpo that are always one step ahead of us, mapping out the strategy and making sure we focus on the synergies that exist. 

And that’s really the perk and benefit that we have with using a single platform for the customer journey. It’s what a lot of merchants are missing out on today when it comes to retention and customer loyalty.

Can you describe your experience migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions, and how was the level of support and guidance provided by Yotpo?

When it came down to switching over to a new subscription tool, we wanted to try Yotpo out and see how things would go before we committed. 

The whole process was a white glove experience, I could not recommend it more. It was so easy. At the end of the migration, I was like, “Oh, that’s it? It’s done already?”

There were no customer headaches, it was so seamless. We actually have a custom app and Yotpo catered to our needs to make sure that subscriptions were supported on the app. The level of technical support, the strategy that we continue to receive, and our account managers at Yotpo are everything, it was all amazing. 

Every single person that we’ve interacted with that Yotpo has been incredible. So when we knew we were going to move over to subscriptions that was like Christmas for us, and we were also excited. And it has just been a blast ever since. 

What specific results have you observed since implementing Loyalty and Subscriptions together, particularly in relation to the Subscriptions Customer Portal where ~17% of redemptions are happening?

Our loyalty customers are the ones that keep coming back. We’re rewarding them with points and engaging with them as much as possible. The next step, for us, is to get them to subscribe to their favorite products. 

In essence, that’s what’s already happening when our loyalty customers keep coming back to shop. But with a subscription, it becomes even more convenient. 

Our loyalty members can also redeem their loyalty points on subscriptions. If they have a subscription coming up next week, we’ll send them a text and say, “Hey, you have $10 in loyalty points, would you like to redeem on your next subscription?” 

Because it’s all happening in one platform, we can easily reward customers with loyalty points and encourage them to redeem them all from one dashboard. 

When your loyalty program and your subscriptions aren’t able to integrate with each other you end up asking customers to subscribe to products in a completely different environment, and they’re not able to redeem their points. So what happens is you get a frustrated customer who says, “Hey, I’m a loyal customer. And I can’t even use my points on my monthly order. So let me just cancel, because that’s way easier.” Yotpo really solves that solution and I haven’t seen another tech stack or tech platform out there, do what they’re doing today with loyalty and subscriptions. 

DIME’s loyalty Participation Rate went from 5.2% in Q4 2022, to 9% in Q1 2023. A nearly doubled participation rate in this short window is unprecedented in my experience working with Rewards programs.

So in Q1 of this year, we almost doubled the loyalty participation in comparison to Q4 of last year, which is huge, because Q4, in the eCommerce world, is the biggest quarter for everyone. 

To have loyalty, almost doubling in Q1 and 17% of our loyalty redemptions on subscriptions, not only means we have more customers, but we have more loyal customers coming back and they’re converting to subscriptions because we’re giving them even more perks. 

Here at Dime, we give discounts for subscriptions, but now customers can also redeem loyalty points. And of course, we want to reward those customers that keep coming back. They’re our most loyal customers, so we want to keep them happy. It’s been super great to see all of that progress in Q1. And we can’t wait to see how the rest of the year ends up.

Looking for new ways to implement your own retention strategy? We’d be happy to answer any and all questions. Talk to us. 

Contributed to the article: Heather Serdoz