Image Credit: Yotpo Studio
Michelle Bitran
Head of Content @ Yotpo
July 3rd, 2017

The world of marketing is changing. Do you have the right strategies to come out on top?

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This is probably not the first time you’ve heard about the death of brand marketing. It may not even be the third time. Traditional marketing seems to be dying a very long, very tedious death.

And guess what: human nature is what’s killing it.

People innately want to hear from one another. They trust opinions from other people more than promises from brands.

Today’s consumers are much more wary of being manipulated and spoon-fed by brands. They prefer to seek out their own information when making purchase decisions.

They turn to reviews, customer photos, Q&A, and other types of user-generated content (UGC) to learn more about products.

For brands, the future of marketing relies on learning how to harness this UGC and to build a strategy focused on customer content.

Find Marketing Strategies That Suit Your Needs

Since each eCommerce business has different needs, the UGC Marketing Playbook is organized by categories. You can filter for solid strategies to:

  • Generate content from customers
  • Drive traffic
  • Boost conversion
  • Retain customers

If you already know the value of UGC, but aren’t sure how to get started with it in your own business, this is the perfect chance. The examples from real stores will give you plenty of ideas and straight-to-the-point tips on how to collect and make the most of customer content.

Let your customers do the talking

Giving your customers the chance to speak about your store doesn’t diminish your brand voice — it amplifies it. It creates a conversation about your business.

Keep in mind that you want to leverage this customer conversation for your brand without losing focus on the customers themselves.

User-generated content marketing is not just about collecting reviews and photos — it’s also about building a living brand through community. This fosters a brand advocacy cycle, where more and more content is created about your business.

Being able to collect customer content on a constant basis is the key to marketing a business in a way that promotes buyer trust.

No one is better at explaining what’s great about your products than the people who use them.

And people who spend money to purchase your product have no incentive to tell anything but the truth about their experience with your business.