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Save hours a day with intelligent planning

Planning an effective SMS strategy shouldn’t be a nightmare. Take the guesswork out with advanced insights, and utilize AI-based recommendations to build effective SMS experiences in minutes.

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time saved on segmentation, orchestration, and copywriting
data points automatically guiding your SMS strategies
advanced analytics making it clear what works and what doesn't
Audience Management

Know your customers

Never send irrelevant messages again. Connect with shoppers based on their engagement level, interests, and purchase history, and have a holistic view of each customer’s journey.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Meet Tailor, your personal SMS assistant

Launch amazing SMS experiences effortlessly with Tailor. Tailor analyzes performance and customer data, and comes up with the optimal targeting, flow setup, and copy, freeing up your time.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Goodbye, duplications

Tired of setting up endless versions for every campaign? So are we. With Yotpo SMS, you can build campaigns and flows for all of your segments and channels in a single setup.

Advanced Analytics

Make data-driven decisions

Develop new strategies and make budget calls with confidence. Our analytics engine helps you look at data through multiple dimensions, from sliced-and-diced stats all the way to raw data.

Smart Messaging Templates

No more guessing on copy

Nail down the perfect message with more than 40 pre-canned templates for every campaign and flow based on your industry, goals, and past performance.

"Yotpo’s AI-powered segmentation helped us stop the "batch & blast" and ensure that the customer experience is as convenient and personalized as possible."

Texts that just click.

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