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Increased engagement, traffic, sales
With Yotpo we've seen increased engagement, traffic and sales. The content we've generated helps us attract new buyers and the tools make it easy to encourage repeat purchases.
Andy Stroman, President
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Thousands of New Visitors
Yotpo has created a new traffic stream, bringing in thousands of of additional visitors each month. It’s also helping us build a community around our products.
Griffin Thall, Co-founder and CEO
Tons of User-Generated Content
User-generated content is incredibly important to us, and Yotpo makes gathering and amplifying that content easy.
Chloé Chanudet, Vice President of Marketing
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Yotpo has been tremendous for us. The user-generated content has led to a direct increase in conversions. I don’t think we would be as successful as we are without it.
Eric Bandholz, CEO & Co-founder of Beardbrand

Yotpo - More than just a review platform

Yotpo is an extensive and well thought out review platform, offering the perfect amount of tracking implementations to show it's true worth. Also offering insight into how your company is performing!
Adam R. Verified User

Excellent Service

It’s important that our customers have a really great purchasing experience, and Yotpo’s simplicity ensures that.
Daniel M. Verified User

Review of the Reviewer :)

Yotpo is an amazing app! Potential customers LOVE to read what others are saying...It has boosted our sales more than any other app we've tried! Plus, we've gained social followers, email subscribers and more. Installation is easy and programming the automation is simple. Thanks yotpo!
Risa Verified User

Great for a growing brand

Yotpo has been absolutely wonderful. Verified buyer reviews are a must have for any retailer. Yotpo goes above and beyond any other provider in this category.
Nicholas K Verified User

Must have APP for your Website!

If you run an e-commerce store, then YOTPO is probably one of the TOP 5 APPS you MUST have as part of it. First of all, it works great, and then the Support is excellent as well. Really great company, and product!
Ray D. Verified User

A must for any online business

This app is fantastic. All of the features from the functioning on our website to the ability to share a review on other social media outlets are priceless.
Customer service and constant improvements are incredible. I have suggested this to all many other online stores.
Always to try their new features because we have never been dissapointed!
Thanks Yotpo
Mary D. Verified User


I have received a great service from this company and lots of help during the time that i have been with them! thank you so very much.
Joanna L. Verified User

Love this product!

Since installing this app and letting customers know after I ship their product they will receive an email to rate and review, it has really helped. Now they just don't take my word for it, but can benefit from what others think
Brett T. Verified User
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