Yotpo + Findify

Findify delivers e-commerce Search and discovery solutions, using advanced data science and machine learning.

About LoyaltyLion

About Findify

Findify provides solutions such as Self-Learning Search, Smart Category Filtering, Product Recommendations and merchandising tools. All through one simple and painless integration.
Findify partners with over 1000 merchants worldwide, who see a revenue increase of up to 30%.

Cost Effective
The most cost effective Search & Recommendations solution, powered by Machine Learning.
Up to 30% increase in revenue, proven by A/B tests.
Up to 50% increase in engagement (reduced bounce rate, increased time spent on site, pages viewed per session).

Integration Benefits

The integration between Yotpo and Findify helps shorten the time it takes customers to complete a purchase.

The star ratings will now appear in the live search, search results, recommendations – and will help customers quickly see the social proof of each product.

Not only that, you can also add an “Average customer rating” filter, so customers can filter products based on rating, making sure your reviews have an even bigger impact.

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