Shoppable Instagram

Shoppable Instagram enables you to create a unique shopping experience on your site with the look and feel of Instagram.

Creative a more engaging customer journey with Shoppable Instagram

Inspire Your Shoppers

Create a visual experience for your customers with an Instagram look & feel

Promote Anywhere

Let your consumers discover the products on your Instashop from any customer touch point

Maximize Impact

Combine photos from your Instagram feed with user-generated content

Turn your brand followers into buyers with Shoppable Instagram

What is Shoppable Instagram

Shoppable Instagram works like an onsite Instagram catalogue that is specific to your brand. It features the Instagram look and feel, complete with “likes” and “hashtags” under aspirational images that your customers love.

For customers today, the traditional purchase journey is losing its meaning. Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that create engaging customer experiences for them when shopping online, they have little patience for stale content, and are proven to respond best to aspirational images that reflect their own lifestyles.

This comes down to the essence of social commerce, a concept that is taking over the eCommerce space today. Customers look for experiences that mimic those they experience on social networks; they want to interact with each other, communicate with the brands they love, and keep up with constantly updated content that makes them feel valued and engaged.


Why Shoppable Instagram Matters to You

Promote Anywhere

Shoppable Instagram is an incredible powerful tactic that enables you to help your consumers discover your products from anywhere. By attaching the Instashop link to your email marketing campaigns, homepage, and other key touch points in the customer journey, you are taking your brand one step further than what Instagram allows you and bringing their favorite scrollable feed to them.

Create a Mobile-first UX

eCommerce stores need to respond to the increasing popularity of shopping using mobile devices, and create frictionless and simple experienced for customers when browsing on their phones. Shoppable Instagram is innately mobile-first, with each image sitting nicely on customers’ mobile screens. By incorporating Shoppable Instagram into your marketing strategy, you are offering a shopping experience that is super-simple and intuitive to customers that shop on their phones.

Engage more customers with social commerce

There is no denying the power of social commerce today. Shopping online is now intrinsically woven into the social networking experience, and brands that understand this phenomenon are the ones that are staying ahead. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have all incorporated strategic marketing into their platforms that leverage the fact that visitors prefer to engage, discuss, and browse on social. Instagram is a already a huge driver of social traffic with high buying-intent, and Shoppable Instagram helps your brand ensure you get a piece of this pie and direct more traffic to your product pages.

How Yotpo helps you create your Shoppable Instagram

Yotpo’s Instashop creates a very different experience when compared to the greater customer journey. Customers can feel like they are scrolling their favorite social media site while remaining onsite for longer.

Especially with Instagram’s own embrace of shoppable photos, it’s more important now than ever to stand out from the pack. Since shoppers are used to discovering brands and products on Instagram, creating a similar experience on your site is extremely valuable.

Creating a Shoppable Instagram is just the first step. Yotpo also enables you to use analytics to track the performance of your shoppable feed, segment the traffic coming to your site, and track revenue coming in from customers who have interacted with your Instagram photos. Measure your activity over time, and then optimize based on the images that perform the best.

Take advantage of the already huge Instagram engagement rate, and turn more browsers into buyers using Shoppable Instagram.

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