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Rich snippet reviews help you stand out in Google search results so you can increase click-through-rate and get more organic traffic.

Bring high-quality traffic to your site with Rich Snippets

Increase click-through rates

Studies show Rich Snippets can increase the CTR in search results by 20-30%.

Stand out in search results

Help your store stands out on SERPs with Rich Snippet reviews & ratings optimized for organic search results.

Provide relevant information

Rich Snippet reviews show shoppers information related to their query, which increases trust & conversion.

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What are Rich Snippets?

When search engines can return thousands of results, you need a way to stand out. Rich Snippet reviews are a great way of drawing attention to your organic search results.

Rich Snippets is a name given to a type of web markup that allows Google to better understand what information is found on each webpage. They are the small blocks of text that appear beneath a search result in Google that have been customized and augmented to maximize a page’s attractiveness in a list of search results. Rich snippets can include reviews, shortcuts to particular pages, “breadcrumbs,” specialized information, and other features. Certain types of pages can also appear as a “featured snippet” at the top of the search results, boxed off and with a photo or video.

Rich snippet reviews are a lot more visually appealing than regular snippets, and provide more value information at-a-glance to an online shopper just by looking at them.

Common Features of Rich Snippets


Rich snippets enable ratings in google search results. You can embed legitimate user generated ratings and reviews from your website and Google will convert them to a five point scale, which displays up to 5 stars in your site’s rich snippet.


For bloggers or authors, rich snippets can show a professional headshot or photo if one is linked to their google account to bolster recognition when people search online.

Bread Crumbs

These are the short paths at the top of a rich snippet review which show where a page lies in a site’s link paths. Users are able to click to other pages within a website by clicking on parts of a bread crumb. For example, something like News site -> Global News -> Europe, could appear, with all terms linked to the appropriate sections in the news site.


Videos can appear in a rich snippet, especially if they are ranked highly enough to be a featured snippet at the top of search results.

Why Rich Snippets Benefit Your Business

Increase Organic Traffic

SEO and rich snippet reviews are intrinsically linked: search rankings are at least partially based on click-through rates. Rich Snippets increase click-through rates by showing important information to buyers when they need it most, which will positively impact your overall rank.

Stand Out in Search Results

When people see search results on Google, they are immediately drawn to the result that stands out. By using Rich Snippet reviews, are you accompanying your product pages with relevant, interesting, and eye-catching information that is bound to get buyers’ attention. Displaying stars, product information, and reviews from other customers, you will attract more qualified visitors.

Offer Key Information to Shoppers

Rich Snippet reviews show shoppers information related to their query, which increases trust and conversion. By displaying visible aggregated star ratings for your product reviews, you provide relevant product information to improve click-through rate, and reduce bounce rate.

Get Relevant Traffic to Your Site

Rich snippet reviews draw the eye of users and noticeably increase click-through rates over regular snippets, so a strong rich snippet can greatly increase traffic to a website. Because users can see more detail before clicking, they are positioned to make a better informed decision when it comes to clicking on through to product pages. These higher-intent shoppers will be far more likely to purchase, as they are doing so already on the strong recommendation they read in the review placed within the rich snippet.

How to create Rich Snippets with Yotpo

Yotpo helps you implement Rich Snippets without any manual markup. Our built-in solution based on JSON/LD automatically adds Rich Snippet reviews to your product pages, and is available on all platforms.

Remember: the goal of using rich snippets and structured data is to attract more clicks by providing accurate, concise information. Rich snippets are not meant to be gimmicky or misleading, and Google regularly removes snippets which do not meet its quality standards.

Draw the eye of your customers and increase click-through rates to your product pages using Rich Snippets.

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