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Give browsing visitors purchase inspiration with customer product images

How can your business benefit from customer product images?

Authentic & Relatable

When visitors see customers using your products, they can see themselves using your products -- and they are more likely to convert.

Visually compelling

Consumers absorb information visually -- displaying product carousels allows shoppers to see and picture your product in real life


77% of shoppers prefer customer product images when purchasing online, whether on site, in ads or on social channels
“Our conversion rate has increased since we started using this tool. The photos are proof that our product works.”
Russell Saks
CEO of Campus Protein

Want to start leveraging customer photos to sell more?

What are customer product images?

Purchase anxiety is one of the number one obstacles to completing a purchase. Online shoppers aren’t able to see a product in person, so they’re not always sure if they want to buy it. While product images can help, even the best ones can only go so far.

Shoppers often worry that product photos don’t realistically depict the product and that they’ll end up ordering something that looks much different than what arrives. In fact, 54% of consumers have postponed or decided against a purchase due to unhelpful product photos.

Customer photos are valuable because, unlike branded images created by companies, they’re authentic and engaging to other consumers. Customer photos establish social proof & trust for hesitant online shoppers, and product galleries offer inspiration for browsing visitors who are unsure of what they want.

Today, default product photos aren’t enough – shoppers simply don’t trust business-produced photos, and the default photos don’t capture the range of uses of the product. By creating a product gallery filled with customer images of them using and enjoying the product in real life, you are speaking directly to the needs and wants of the customer – and motivating them to continue on to purchase.

Customer product images help you sell more

They say picture is worth a thousand words. More importantly, a picture taken by your customers is worth a million. Customer product images created by your brand fans build trust and sell more.

A survey of 1000 shoppers showed that when it comes to images, customers prefer authentic photos over professional ones. And that images from past buyers are incredibly influential when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Like other forms of user-generated content (UGC), product photo galleries that feature customer content are far more powerful in the eyes of consumers than branded photos. Some reasons for this include:

They blend into social media

Customers usually scroll over branded photos in social media because they feel distinctly different from other content in a user’s feed and thus stand out as advertisements. Customer product images, on the other hand, integrate smoothly into social media, since most were created with social media in mind. Customers are far more likely to view and follow links connected to product carousels and product photo galleries that feature customer images than branded images.

They are strong testimonials

Customers know best what interests them and helps them about a product. Thus, customer photos get to the heart of why they purchased a product and what they enjoy about it. Customer photo galleries take the guesswork out of marketing, and let happy customers communicate directly with prospective buyers.

They are highly trusted

The value of a real customer photo is that it taps into social proof, which describes how humans respond positively to what others enjoy, while avoiding what others disapprove of. Customer product images tap straight into the human instinct to trust what one’s peers say about products and services, influencing the consumer decision-making process. Our data shows that photos increase conversion rates with a whopping 77% of customers preferring user-generated photos.

They come with built-in stats

When customer photos are collected by brands on social media, businesses can choose the photos that received the most attention, likes, and shares in their initial post. This means that businesses can highlight photos in a product gallery they know will do well with customers, rather than gambling with a new branded image that is expensive and could flop.

How Yotpo Helps You Make the Most of Customer Product Images

Customer photos are the future of visual marketing. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to start collecting photos from your customers now. So how do you do it?

  1. Ask for customers’ images of your products with reviews:

The perfect time to collect photos from your customers is when you are asking them for a review. At this point they are already engaging with you and thinking about their purchase, so they are more likely to take a picture of their product. You can encourage reviewers to get creative and really showcase your products in compelling ways.

For example, if you’re selling clothing you can encourage them to take a selfie in their new outfit. And if you’re selling kitchen equipment or DIY projects, ask for pictures of the final product. The only limitation is your imagination (or your customers’). And best of all, you can repurpose the photos as your choose!

Over 880 billion photos are taken on smartphones each year, so make sure you’re leveraging them by using a photo-collection process that makes it easy to share photos from a mobile device.  Once you have collected photos via reviews, Yotpo gives you the added ability to moderate all of your customer images and display them on product carousels and product photo galleries. As great as customer photos are, you still want to control your brand’s visual identity. So ensure that you’re able to approve photos before they’re published anywhere.

2) Use existing product images:

Your customers are posting pictures of your products on Instagram every day — why not take advantage of it and create your own product galleries with an Instagram look and feel? The easiest way to curate photos from Instagram is to create a unique hashtag and encourage your shoppers to use it when posting photos. That way, it will be easy for you to see all of your user-generated Instagram pictures in one place. When you find photos you like, ask for permission to use them via comment or private message and then feature them on product carousels or product galleries on your site.

The best way to use customer photos to increase conversions is to display them front and center on your site. On product pages, use a product gallery and show photos side by side with reviews so customers have a visual to tie-in with the words they are reading. For Instagram-curated photos, use a widget that updates with a stream of photos as they are published or display customer photos side by side with brand product images.  Leveraging photos taken by your customers in ads — whether they are on Instagram or in print — increases the effectiveness of your campaigns. Research shows that ads featuring user-generated content have 4x higher click-through rates and half the cost-per-click against ads with no user-generated content.

3) Create scrollable product galleries

Recreate the best aspects of social platforms on your website by creating a product gallery of your customer photos at different stages of the customer journey.

A customer does not generally come to your site with the exact product they want to buy in mind. They come to search, scan, and browse, as they make their decision from a wide variety of brands and products which item they would like to buy. This is when customer photos can really be used to your advantage when shown in a product gallery, because it gives your site visitors a sense of all of the different ways your products can be used.

Creating interesting product photo galleries on your home, category, product, and cart pages can influence your buyers to continue on to purchase at whatever stage of the customer journey they are. Product galleries and product carousels are simple to set up with Yotpo’s easy moderation tools. You can also keep track of which product images generate more conversion by looking at Yotpo’s comprehensive dashboards and optimize every social channel with customer content.

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