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As an official partner of Google, Yotpo helps you increase sales and earn high-quality traffic using Product Listing Ads

Increase CPR by 24%

Product Listing Ads drive more qualified traffic to stores and provide critical info to shoppers making purchasing decisions

Stand out on search results

Make sure your products stand out from the rest by showing star ratings & reviews alongside your product ads

Bring high-intent shoppers to your store

Create a better net for shoppers with high-intent by showing reviews and star ratings next to the products they search for
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What are Google Product Listing Ads?

Google Product Listing Ads are search ads that include more detailed product information, including the price, image, and merchant name. Differing slightly from Google Seller Ratings which only show up in text ads and refer just to your store, Google Product Listing Ads pull information from your products pages. And more excitingly, they can also feature customer reviews.

Google Product Listing Ads drive traffic and sales to your website or local store by showing online shoppers rich images and details of items you sell. By coupling customer reviews with product information, you are presenting to potential customers all the facts they need to purchase the item, along with extremely persuasive recommendations from fellow shoppers.

Ads that feature user-generated content have already proven to reduce CTR by about 50%, with online shoppers strongly favoring content written by other shoppers. The reason why ads that are infused with UGC perform better is that they feel more authentic and trustworthy to the average consumer, than traditional ads with sales-driven brand messages that come across insincere and dry.

Google Product Listing Ads give you the opportunity to showcase your products alongside your happy customer reviews, to give your potential customers a better insight into your brand – making sure that those that click through come with a higher purchase intent.  

Why do Google Product Listing Ads matter?

Mobile traffic is growing across the board, but nowhere is this more true than when it comes to search traffic. Data from over 150,000 businesses shows that compared to other traffic sources like Facebook and Twitter, Google has the highest percentage of mobile traffic.

And for eCommerce retailers, adding paid ads to enhance their organic listings can help them stand out from the rest of the search results.

Retailers are realizing the power of paid listing ads: Google Shopping Product Listing Ads are growing in popularity and quickly becoming a meaningful source of revenue for all sorts of retailers. Answering directly to the mobile-experience of a user when searching, these ads showcase a visual of your products, along with all the relevant product information and customer reviews – making them more appealing, more informative, and more clickable.

How Google Product Listing Ads Benefit You

Differentiate your products from the competition

By including customer reviews on your Google Product Listing Ads, you can give your ads an edge over the competition. It is becoming more and more difficult to gain organic traffic from google, product listing ads with customer reviews will give you more ROI for your advertising budget as they are already proven to make more impact on the average consumer than a regular ad.

Drive more qualified traffic to your store

If your ad appears, it means that the potential customer on Google was searching for this type of product. This makes them a high-intent buyer, as they already know what product they are looking for. Using customer reviews in your Google Product Listing Ads gives the right content at the right time to get the visitor over the line and onto your site, therefore driving much more qualified traffic to your store.

Give shoppers the critical information they need

Google Product Listing Ads provide potential shoppers with all of the information they are looking for in order to make a purchase decision. Not only have you supplied the name of the product, price, and your brand name – the customer review also demonstrates to a potential buyer that your brand is trustworthy and they can confidently carry on through to purchase.

Broader presence on search

Using Google Product Listing Ads with Yotpo help your brand cast a wider net on search results by not only using the product data defined by your brand when using Adwords, but also the text written in the customer review. This means that your products can appear for more of a variety of different searches related to the item, and capture those shoppers that may be unsure of what to purchase using reviews that speak highly of your products.

Get Google Product Listing Ads with Yotpo

You can set up a Product Listing Ads campaign through the Google Merchant center or through AdWords. Once set up, you just need to enable Product Listing Ads in the Yotpo Admin and select a category for your store. Don’t worry if you can’t find an exact match for your category, just use the closest fit. Product Listing Ads with Product Ratings will then pull info from your product reviews and show up in ads that include an image of your product.

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