Facebook Dynamic Ads

Convert more customers using your best reviews

Target High-Intent Customers with Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook.

Cut CPA rates by 2/3

Dynamic Product Ads featuring UGC cut your cost-per-acquisition into a third of what they were paying before

Setup in just two clicks

Set up Dynamic Product Ads from your Yotpo admin in two quick clicks instead of the laborious process of regular dynamic ads.

Retarget past visitors more effectively

Create compelling and relevant ads that provide shoppers with customer content for products they recently showed an interest in.
“Users respond better to the ads with reviews”
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What are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Facebook dynamic ads have completely changed the paid advertising landscape. With a 2x higher CTR than your average ad, they let you retarget consumers that may have browsed the specific product on your site, or those with the intent of purchasing your product – and then abandoning the cart. Created to grab the attention of those shoppers already well down the funnel with high buyer intent, knowing how to get the most out of Facebook dynamic ads is central to any brands marketing strategy.

Facebook dynamic ads and user-generated content

Advertising on Facebook has become an essential for any eCom manager. With more than 1 billion visits a month, the world’s most active social platform offers brands a gigantic audience and huge potential to find new customers. However, a hurdle for eCom marketers is to constantly come up with fresh and engaging content that speaks to consumers directly. Billions of people see ads on Facebook every day, so how do you make your products stand out?

Using customer-created content in your Facebook advertising strategy is the answer. Integrating real customer reviews in social advertising cuts through banner blindness so brands can be heard among the noise.

We’ve long known sharing reviews on Facebook is an effective way to increase conversions and drive more traffic to your site. But using product reviews in dynamic retargeting with Facebook will get more bang for your buck.

Why Facebook Dynamic Ads Matter

Facebook dynamic ads that incorporate product reviews and ratings offer the perfect content at the perfect time. If someone is on the fence about buying your product, they’ll see an awesome review about that product, not just a generic product description.

Increase overall conversion

Facebook dynamic ads target high-intent buyers that have either browsed your product, or left them at checkout. In a Yotpo study, we found that ads that feature user-generated content have up to a 4x higher click-through rate compared to ads that don’t. The reason UGC works so well with dynamic retargeting is that it directly responds to whatever uncertainty or hesitation the buyer experienced that caused them not to follow through with the purchase in the first place. Whether hesitant due to cost, use, or look, seeing the raving review of another shopper on the product in question is extremely influential in driving that customer back to your site and through to checkout

Build trust in your brand

Facebook users are now starting to ignore promotional content that appears on their feeds. Consumers don’t come to social to hear from brands – they are there to interact with their friends, hear from other people, and look at content that interests them. By including customer reviews in your Facebook dynamic ads, you can leverage community trust and build more trust in your brand. Garner the good word of those that love you the most, and bring more social referrals to your site by using UGC.

How Yotpo helps you get the most out of your Facebook Dynamic Ads

Include customer reviews

When visitors are on Facebook, they will see a sponsored post containing 5-star testimonials from past buyers for the same products they viewed on your site.

Change it up

Choose which reviews you would like to use to target different audiences when creating your ads, so each facebook dynamic ad feels more personalized to the shopper. You can do this by focusing on criteria such as age, location, and other preferences.

Include customer photos

Visual marketing is a key component of any social marketing, and for your dynamic retargeting ads to appear seamless on a Facebook feed, they should feature fun photos of customers engaging with your product. Easily tweak your ads to include the customer photos you love the best, and enjoy a constant flow of fresh and relevant content by collecting reviews and photos from customers.

Optimized with Machine Learning

Leverage advanced machine learning & natural language processing to automatically select only your best reviews to showcase in Facebook dynamic ads, influencing the right customers when searching for a product and increasing CTR back to your site.

In addition to this, Yotpo enables you to create a Dynamic Product Ad carousel that shows more products the shopper is likely to be interested in. It’s the perfect content at the perfect time. If someone is on the fence about buying your product, they’ll see an awesome review about that product and not just a general product description.

Customize to suit your site

You can choose the ad title, button text, and whether you show a single or multiple-products carousel. You can also set your budget and smart rules for pausing ads all within the Yotpo Admin.

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