Customer Review System

What is a customer review system?

A customer review system is any type of process in place to collect and display customer reviews.

Customer review systems can take many forms, such as plugins or software.

They can ease any number of steps in the customer review pipeline, from soliciting reviews to customizing review displays.

Why are customer review systems important?

Customer reviews are invaluable and necessary tools for eCommerce businesses.

Reviews boost conversion rates by building consumer trust and providing social proof.

Reviews also boost SEO, as Google algorithms specifically draw on reviews when aggregating for features like Google Seller Ratings.

Furthermore, reviews are forms of UGC that can be integrated into social media posts, ads, and other marketing channels to boost traffic and increase conversion.

If a brand lacks reviews, they experience a reputation hit based on the suspicious absence of customer feedback.

Reviews are vital to eCommerce storefronts. Their generation, aggregation, and display are serious matters. Brands must come up with a plan of action for how to attract and capitalize on reviews.

Good customer review systems include three major functions

Review generation

The first task of a customer reviews system is the acquisition of as many quality reviews as possible.A system accomplishes this by soliciting reviews, often through strategic post-purchase emails.

A system accomplishes this by soliciting reviews, often through strategic post-purchase emails.

The system should be user-friendly, and should foster an engaged community of customers motivated to submit reviews.

Review display

There are many ways to display reviews and every aspect of their presentation should be deliberate.

Brands should be able to choose the number of reviews shown per page, the order in which they are listed, and the information or media presented in each review.

Engagement options like up-voting or the ability for brands to respond to reviews are other important aspects.


Reviews provide an opportunity for deep insight into customer needs and behavior.

Reviews can also offer actionable feedback and reveal areas for improvement.

A powerful analytics tool can light the way to gathering more reviews, as the best review generation techniques vary by industry and product type.

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