Customer Review Software

What is customer review software?

Customer review software generates, curates, presents, and tracks customer feedback.There are various packages available depending on the user’s scale and needs, though it is sometimes sold as a standalone product. Customer review software is usually marketed as a software as a service (SaaS).

There are various packages available depending on the user’s scale and needs, though it is sometimes sold as a standalone product.

Customer review software is usually marketed as a software as a service (SaaS).

What are features to look for in customer review software?

New, innovative features are premiering every day in the customer reviews software arena.

Here are some key features to look for:


More and more customers are opting to submit reviews on the go.

The software’s review collection and display system should be optimized for mobile.

Automated post-purchase emails

Post-purchase emails are one of the most effective ways to generate customer reviews.

The best time to send these emails varies by industry and the best format for them depends on the device, email service, and other factors.

A customer reviews software may automate and optimize post-purchase emails, and some personalize review requests in real time.

Check if the software verifies that the reviewer is the same person who bought the product.

Upselling options

Customer reviews software should give businesses an opportunity to upsell by promoting related products in review requests.

Some software provides customizable related products options, and in some cases, the software automatically chooses the products to display.

Automated options are ideally based on the customer’s entire purchase history, but some only draw on the most recent transaction.

High open and response rates

There’s a science to sending the perfect review request email.

Custom review software should boast high open rates of their post-purchase emails, and a high percentage of customers should respond to these emails by submitting a review.

Reputable companies will readily share this information.

Ease of third-party review integration

Happy customers often want to share their reviews with friends and family on social media.

A customer reviews software should provide the tools and support to export or share reviews, which brings greater brand visibility and traffic to businesses.


Reviews open up eCommerce storefronts to thousands of new keywords by letting Google crawl the review content.

This fresh user-generated content drives growth and organic traffic.

Displaying star ratings and reviews in organic search results also increases traffic from Google.

Good customer reviews software aggregates and displays reviews and star ratings to optimize their appearance in search engine results, and helps improve a brand’s overall ranking and reputation.

Q&A options

Some customer review software includes extra features like Q&A that encourage customer interactions with brands.

You should ask potential software providers what customer engagement options they have.

Ideally, there is a mechanism for customers to ask questions before making a purchase, and it is easy for businesses to respond.

There may also be an option for past buyers to respond to shopper questions.

Individual review features

There are many ways for customers to communicate their experience with a product, such as sharing photos or videos of products being used in the real world.

This kind of media can greatly enhance the efficacy of reviews.

When choosing a customer review software, consider the kinds of display options they offer for reviews, such as space for star ratings, reviewer verification, or customer photos.


One very important consideration when choosing a customer reviews software is review ownership.

It’s vital to note if the reviews the software generates for a company belong to the user or to the software company, and if the reviews will appear on the brand’s website or on third-party review sites like Yelp or Facebook.

Reviews improve search rankings, maximize organic traffic, and keep a brand’s reputation under their control.

As such, it is imperative for businesses to own their reviews.

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