Customer Review Plugin

What is a customer review plugin?

A customer review plugin is an out-of-the-box add-on to an eCommerce website that cultivates customer reviews.

Plugins differ from customer review software in that they are generally slimmer with fewer features and are designed to operate independently within a website.

Plugins are often available for various common platforms such as WordPress in addition to custom from-scratch websites.

Sometimes, plugins are one elements within a larger customer reviews software suite.

Why are customer review plugins important?

Customer review plugins can be valuable, simple solutions to gather and display customer feedback.

Plugins are a strong option for eCommerce stores who use popular web-editing platforms like WordPress, since many plugins are designed specifically to integrate into such websites.

Features to look for in a customer review plugin

Customer verification

Reviews are only effective if they seem reliable.

Many unscrupulous businesses pad their sites with fake reviews, so it is important to validate reviews.

Customer reviews plugins should have a trusted method for authenticating reviewers.

Social media integration

Customer review plugins that allow customers to login with their existing social media accounts make it quick and easy for shoppers to leave feedback.

Customers can also easily share their reviews, which leads to further product discovery and traffic from social media.

Customization options

Plugins shouldn’t necessarily look like plugins. The look and feel of the customer reviews plugin should be customizable to blend into a brand’s existing website.

The plugin’s display options should also be considered. Some plugins offer star ratings as well as text reviews, and some display customer details to make it easier for prospective buyers to relate to and trust the reviewer.

Engagement boosters

When shoppers can up-vote or respond to reviews, it increases engagement and boosts authenticity.

Customer reviews plugins often offer creative new ways for customers to connect with each other and with brands.

Moderation tools

With plugins, it’s usually a brand’s responsibility to manage their own reviews.

Brands should ask a prospective plugin provider about their moderation process.

In some cases, brands can choose which reviews to emphasize or how to sort them in the display. Often, brands can also respond to reviews and offer support through the platform.


Reviews are one of the best ways to understand the needs of your customers.

Some customer review plugins offer analytics of varying depth.

It’s important to choose a plugin that can collect valuable data about customer behavior since it is not always possible to apply a different analytics system to an external reviews plugin.

Plugins, when purchased alone, usually do not include mechanisms for soliciting reviews. This differentiates plugins from more comprehensive customer reviews software.

As with any customer review system, eCommerce stores should be sure to understand the conditions of review ownership about any potential customer reviews plugin.

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