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The Mail After Purchase (MAP), Yotpo’s secret weapon, is the most efficient way to get your customers to write reviews about your products and site.

Automatic & Smart


Our smart logic personalizes in real-time
based on device to give you the
highest conversion rates in the industry.

Mobile First


Our requests are mobile friendly for all
email clients, so it’s easy for customers
to submit reviews, photos, Q&A, and other
content, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Always Upselling


Upsells in the review request
email increase lifetime value
and loyalty.

Completely Custom


The look, text and logic of the
request email are
totally customizable, so you
have complete control.

In Mail Review Technology


Our easy, frictionless submission
process means 9x more customers
write and submit

Yotpo leverages data science to get you more reviews.

right product reviews

The right products get

Our smart algorithm determines
exactly which products to request
reviews for and when.


With Reminders, no review is
left behind.

Maximize review generation with
algorithim-backed Reminders that know
exactly how and when to remind your
customers to leave a review.

request email review conversion rate

The industry leader in open and
conversion rates.

Yotpo’s review request emails
use proprietary technology
backed by data science,
leading to a 40-50% email open rate
and a 6-11% review response rate.

right time

Engage them at the right time,
every time.

We use data science to determine
the perfect time to email your
customers, so you get the most

The Mail After Purchase is the first step to getting more reviews on your site to increase conversions and acquire more traffic.

Better Marketing & Quality Traffic

When used off-site, reviews attract quality traffic that

See how reviews improve marketing
Better Marketing &  Quality Traffic
Enhance SEO &  Increase ROI

Enhance SEO & Increase ROI

Google crawls and indexes your reviews so they show up
in SERPs, Seller Ratings & Product Listing Ads. This
increases organic traffic and the effectiveness of your
paid ads.

See how reviews strengthen SEO
Enhance SEO &  Increase ROI

Engage Customers & Retain Buyers

Rewarding and responding to reviews builds relationships
with your shoppers, so they keep coming back.

See how reviews boost retention
Engage Customers &  Retain Buyers
Build Trust &  Sell More

Build Trust & Sell More

On your site, product and company reviews build trust
with prospective clients and increase your on-site

See how reviews increase on-site conversions.
Build Trust &  Sell More

Leverage visual marketing with user-generated photos

Collect authentic photos from your customers alongside their reviews and showcase them on your site, social pages and ads.

See how user-generated photos increases your sales
Leverage visual marketing with user-generated photos
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