Build Relationships,
Boost Retention.

Maximize the value of every customer by engaging them and building long-term relationships.
 So acquisition costs decrease, while sales rise.


Engage buyers

Sales shouldn’t stop at the checkout. Keep up the
conversation with your shoppers to keep your business on
their mind.


Increase loyalty and
lifetime value.

Returning shoppers cost you less and spend more.
Optimize the post-sales experience so you can build
relationships that last a lifetime.

With Coupons, Commenting and Community Q&A, you can increase the loyalty
and lifetime value of each buyer.

Community Q&A

Community Q&A gives prospects people-powered answers
to their questions by allowing them to ask past buyers,
experts or your staff about your products.

Community Q&A


Reviews shouldn’t be a one-way street. Respond to reviews
and keep your customers coming back to buy more.



Gamify the reviews process by offering your customers rewards for
feedback. Coupons increase customer lifetime value by encouraging reviews and
additional purchases.

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