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Sarah Baldwin, CEO and Founder of Bella Luna Toys, was an esteemed early childhood teacher for more than 20 years in the Waldorf school system. In 2009, she found herself at a professional crossroads.

After seeing an ad for Bella Luna Toys up for sale a short time after her resignation, Sarah took a leap of faith and purchased the rights to the business.

“I had no prior experience in retail or eCommerce, but the website sold the kind of toys I used in my classroom for more than 20 years; toys I love and am passionate about. I saw a vision of where I could take this company.”

In the past 7 years, Sarah has turned that vision into a fully fledged online business. With a team of 10 people, Bella Luna Toys has become a well-known, respected toy brand in the eCommerce industry. They continue to see significant growth YoY, with a dedicated customer base made up of parents, educators, and children alike.

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For Sarah, a first-time entrepreneur, navigating the eCommerce landscape was a daunting task.

“After purchasing Bella Luna Toys, the first thing I noticed was I couldn’t even change the price or product name. I quickly discovered that we would have to search for a new website platform and content management system,” she said. Once Sarah switched over to Shopify, she was looking for a solution that would add a layer of social proof to her website and boost sales.

“I always wanted to have the type of add-ons that the big websites had, features like reviews and star ratings,” she explained.



Sarah first heard about Yotpo when visiting the Internet Retailers Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

“I was researching different solutions for collecting reviews. After reading all the amazing reviews on Shopify about Yotpo, I scheduled a demo and was very impressed with how easy it was to integrate,” she said.

The social proof created around Bella Luna Toys became essential for Sarah and her loyal customer base.

“Being able to have reviews right on the front page of the website, along with the Instagram photo carousel, gives customers a lot more purchasing confidence. It shows that our products are high quality and enjoyed by real kids across America.”

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With Yotpo, Bella Luna Toys has seen remarkable results.

Since we implemented Yotpo on our website, conversion rates have gone up by 15%. We also generated more than 4,500 authentic customer reviews, with Yotpo’s Mail After Purchase feature playing a significant part in those numbers.

Beyond the noteworthy metrics Yotpo provides Bella Luna Toys, Sarah sees the value of Yotpo for her business in the long-term.

“I also love Yotpo because it’s been really easy to use, the support has been great, and they are continuing to develop new features all the time, keeping up with the new age of social media.”

At the end of the day, the social proof that Yotpo created around Sarah’s business, increased her conversions and stands out as the most valuable aspect for her.

“The confidence that all the reviews, user-generated photos, and star ratings on our website have been invaluable in reaching new customers and increasing our conversions.


“I knew I didn’t want to have an eCommerce business just to sell products. I wanted to use it as a platform to share my love of Waldorf education. Find something you love and turn it into a business.

Sarah Baldwin - CEO of Bella Luna Toys

When we launched Yotpo alongside our new Shopify store, we saw an immediate bump in traffic and conversions.

- Sarah Baldwin - CEO of Bella Luna Toys

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