UNTUCKit Showcases UGC Across the Entire Customer Journey

  • Industry
    Apparel, Fashion
  • Platform & Agency
    Platform & Agency
    Shopify Plus and BVAccel
  • Challenge
    Collecting more user-generated content to scale their brand community and innovate products tailored to their consumers
  • Solution
    Displaying customer reviews & UGC photos from Instagram on site and using customer insights to inform their product offering
  • Results
    10,000 reviews in the first year, 20% higher conversion rate for shoppers that engaged with customer photos, and 53% increase in review response rate
Founded in 2010 by Chris Riccobono and Aaron Sanandres, New York-based UNTUCKit has perfected the ideal shirt for the untucked man.


“We launched with a single idea: Shirts designed to be worn untucked,” Alberto Corral, UNTUCKit’s Director of Marketing explains. The brand identified a need in the market for a casually elegant shirt with an emphasis on fit. Despite fierce competition, UNTUCKit upended established workwear brands by addressing a prevalent problem in the market and made their mark as a product-focused company.

The digitally native brand has also found success offline. After opening their first brick-and-mortar location in 2015, UNTUCKit now have stores all over the US, with half a dozen in New York City alone.

Our customer philosophy is that in every engagement we have with our customers, we want to make sure they come away from that experience as true ambassadors of our brand. We want it to be that impactful.
Alberto Corral
Alberto Corral
Director of Marketing at UNTUCKit
Higher conversion rate
Of shoppers who engage with on-site customer photos


UNTUCKit understood the need for social proof early on. Looking to build trust among a growing customer base, UNTUCKit searched for a reviews partner but it was important for them to have their “own qualified data.”

UNTUCKit wanted to collect and display more user-generated content from their happy customers throughout the buyer journey. Corral explains, “When shoppers are looking at user-generated content it definitely helps them make the decision to purchase. This relatable content enables them to look at other shoppers like them and understand: ‘How does it fit them? Do I relate to this person?’”

We use Yotpo’s platform to ask customers for reviews, which go towards our site reviews on Google and, more importantly onto our product pages. When someone is on a product page, they have to make a choice and they're going to say, ‘Should I buy this shirt? Should I not?’ Yotpo gave us the technology to help them make that decision. Aside from asking customers for reviews, we've also incorporated the UGC functionality and display customer photos on site alongside some of our own from Instagram.


Yotpo helped UNTUCKit generate more customer content and use it to increase sales and brand & product discovery throughout the buyer journey. UNTUCKit collected rich customer review content, which helped inform future shopper decisions. Additionally, they combined photos from their reviews with curated customer photos from Instagram to showcase real customers’ UNTUCKit style in on-site galleries.

Customer photos also proved to be a scalable source of creatives for social and email marketing: “We incorporate UGC on Twitter and Facebook. We’ve also started to incorporate it into our own emails.”

For UNTUCKit, the value of review content was three-fold. They used it to increase on-site conversion, boost their SEO ranking and traffic by having tons content for Google to crawl, and inform their product development using their reviews as a source of feedback.

“Constant innovation is the most important thing, I think, in this world. You can't just sit on your hands and hope that that one thing you did right continues. I think, like UNTUCKit, Yotpo is trying to innovate all the time.”
Alberto Corral
Director of Marketing at UNTUCKit