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Til You Collapse Drives 27x ROI With SMS Marketing

  • Industry
    Health & Fitness
  • Platform
  • Challenge
    Build a new marketing channel to create a connection with customers and increase sales
  • Solution
    Leverage Yotpo SMS & Email to engage with customers via text conversations
  • Results
    Over 16% MoM revenue increase, over 29% CVR on SMS welcome messages for new subscribers
A top engagement channel for Til You Collapse, text messaging drives over 16% revenue growth MoM.


For Brian and Kelley Nabavi, working out is more than just a part of a healthy lifestyle — it’s their passion, and that passion extends beyond their own workout regimens, too. They wanted a way to empower others to achieve their fitness goals and have fun doing it.

They created Til You Collapse, a line of workout gear designed to motivate people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to push themselves further to reach their fitness goals. For their brand, empowerment is as important as the activewear, and they wanted to ensure their marketing efforts would effectively engage customers and keep them inspired.

When we first introduced SMS to our customers, they were so excited. It was an intimate way to engage them directly, and it really created a personal experience. We can get hyper-personalized with the messages we send, and Yotpo SMS & Email really makes it easy.
Anthony Ridley
Anthony Ridley
Head of Marketing, Til You Collapse
Conversion rate
On marketing campaigns


In an increasingly competitive market, Til You Collapse wanted a way to engage their loyal fanbase differently with unique, memorable experiences. 

The brand was already engaging customers through all the regular marketing channels, like email and social, but they wanted a way to get even more intimate with their customers. Because the brand is built on empowerment, it was essential for Til You Collapse to build more personal connections that would ensure their shoppers feel confident and supported.  They wanted to create an exclusive group for their loyal customers to talk to them more directly, and SMS marketing seemed like the ideal channel to facilitate those conversations.

As a small team, Til You Collapse needed an SMS marketing solution that was both cost effective and low effort — ideally, an out-of-the-box program they could get started with right away to assess its efficacy before committing to the channel.


After seeing rave reviews for Yotpo SMS & Email, and already having seen success with Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty, Til You Collapse knew that getting started with Yotpo SMS & Email was a no-brainer.

Til You Collapse started on a basic Yotpo package to test the waters before diving in. The experience was seamless with quick onboarding and easy message and flow set up — they could even take advantage of top-performing message templates to get started right away. The brand was also able to capitalize on Yotpo SMS & Email’s integration with Shopify to deepen their understanding of customers for better, more personalized segmentation.

Their customers loved the direct text messages, and it became clear early on that their SMS channel was going to be a success. 

In no time, the brand upgraded to Yotpo SMS & Email’s higher tier package, giving them access to a dedicated SMS Strategist who worked with them to create best practices to take their SMS channel to the next level. Soon, they were adding more subscriber collection tools, new SMS flows, and tailoring each message to every customer, enabling them to build those high-value relationships they were seeking.

It’s such a huge value for our brand to be able to use the entire Yotpo umbrella of products. With all the solutions and unique synergies between products under one roof, led by one team that truly knows our brand and understands what strategies work best has been invaluable. Choosing Yotpo was a no-brainer.
Anthony Ridley
Anthony Ridley
Head of Marketing, Til You Collapse
Conversion rate
On SMS welcome messages
Keep it simple. A new channel might look overwhelming, but if you start with the essentials, you can test until you succeed. Start with simple ways to grow your subscribers and tried-and-true messages, and go from there. After you see the (fast!) ROI, going all in will be much easier.
Anthony Ridley
Head of Marketing, Til You Collapse