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Yotpo Ads for Instagram
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Yotpo Ads for Instagram turns a user-generated photo and a 5 star review into the content of an Instagram ad.

Why will it be amazing?

Research shows that ads including user-generated content — like reviews or photos from customers — are cheaper and more effective than regular ads. Facebook says that ads with customer reviews have a 4x higher CTR and a 50% lower CPA.

Now that you can collect photos from your customers with Yotpo, we’re taking it a step further by giving you the capability to use those photos in Yotpo Ads for Instagram, available on our Visual Marketing Suite for Powerhouse and Enterprise packages.

Customer photos are the new marketing frontier. According to a Yotpo survey of 1043 shoppers, 30% of shoppers have purchased a product they discovered on Instagram. (I know, we were surprised too!)

More than driving purchases, Instagram is a network to build followers and brand awareness. One early adopter, Xan Hood of Buffalo Jackson, said,

“Since the implementation of Yotpo Instagram ads, we have increased our followers 12% within just the first 2 weeks of its use.”

How can Yotpo Ads for Instagram work best for you?

Odds are, advertising on Instagram is pretty new for you. Maybe you haven’t had the time to look into it, or you have started using Instagram sponsored ads, but are looking for ways to improve them and learn how to sell on Instagram. After all, Instagram ads only opened up to any advertiser starting in September 2015.

Yotpo Ads is a simple way to create robust and effective Instagram ads using your existing Yotpo account.

All you need to do is choose which 5 star review and customer photo you want to use as the content of the ad, choose your bid, and set it live. Then you can track all of your ad activities from within your Yotpo Ads dashboard. For detailed setup instructions, check out our support documentation.

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What will your customers think?

Your customers are on Instagram for one reason: they want to see real photos taken by their friends, peers and celebrities and with the captions that go with them. For your ads to work there, they’ll need to blend in.

Shoppers are more engaged on Instagram than on any other social network. Online stores using Instagram benefit from the added engagement and time spent on site versus other platforms.

In fact, Forrester found that customers are 60 times more likely to interact with a brand’s Instagram account than Facebook. And they’re 140 times more likely to interact with a brand’s Instagram post than Twitter post.

Yotpo’s Instagram data shows a surprisingly similar result: the Instagram engagement rate is higher than all other social media platforms and marketing channels, including email and search traffic.

When customers scroll through Yotpo Ads, you will deliver the peer-to-peer experience they’re looking for, and they’ll be more likely to engage with your ad.

What’s next?

Yotpo Ads is just getting started. We want to help you elevate your customers’ voices so they can be your biggest advocates wherever they are.

Be on the lookout to leverage reviews, photos, and more in other social networks and platforms as Yotpo continues to deliver innovative brand experiences.

Yotpo Ads for Instagram is available on select Yotpo packages.

Doug Baltman
Doug Baltman, Product Marketing @ Yotpo
When Doug's out of the office, he's riding around Tel Aviv on his bike, looking for anything out of the ordinary.
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