Advertising Just Got Easier.

You don’t have to tell people how awesome your store is – let your customers do the talking for you. With Yotpo Ads for Facebook, you can turn your reviews into sales instantly.


By creating a simple solution that harnesses the power of peer reviews and the accuracy of Facebook targeting, Yotpo is providing retailers with an unprecedented opportunity to lock in customer loyalty and attract new audiences.


How does it work?

4x Higher Click-Through Rate

People don't click on ads that interrupt their social browsing. Displaying fellow shoppers' authentic opinions offers them valuable and relevant content they want to click.

50% Lower Cost Per Click

Using customer testimonials in paid ads increases trust and leads to more relevant and engaged visitors.

50% Lower Cost Per Acquisition

The traffic that comes from ads with customer reviews is more likely to convert because they trust the product and want to learn more.

Build a high-performing ad in minutes,
deliver it automatically and adjust it for the best results.

Make optimization effortless

Don’t worry about crunching numbers, we analyze and optimize your ads automatically to ensure you’re always getting the top results.

Simplify with all-in-one analytics

Now you can manage your reviews and marketing from a single place with all-in-one analytics from your Yotpo dashboard.

Pay less for the best results

Our ads with reviews have a 300% higher click-through-rate at half the cost-per-click and half the cost-per-acquisition compared to regular Facebook ads.

Start turning your reviews into ads today.

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